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Secure Folder Apk For Android, Oppo, Vivo, Huawei, Samsung all Devices

Secure Folder Apk is an android application which is developed for Samsung devices. This app allows all Samsung users to secure all the mobile data from any threat, hackers, or viruses.

This is now available with apk version that is totally free and enables Samsung device users to protect their data. The data must be folders, personal files, photos, videos, etc. So, the users have no need to purchase any other tool by using their money.

The free version of the Secure Folder App is here with all original files, features, advanced options, and complete security.

Why You Need a Secure Folder?

Every smartphone user wants to secure mobile data from any kind of threats, viruses, and attackers. Because there are many online platforms that may attack users’ personal data and people lose their files.

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Thus, people don’t like any kind of risk and they want to use a security tool that may guarantee them to secure all the data. It works so efficiently and everyone likes it. Secure Folder Software Application comes with several options and it performs many functions, these are as follows:

Add Apps in Secure Folder

Secure Folder comes with Add Apps option which helps you to add your special apps like social media apps, game apps, and other mobile apps which you want to secure. If you want to log on to your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook account and don’t want to log out.

But you have a security issue and don’t want any risk, then you should use Secure Folder. You can just open the Secure Folder Software and use Add Apps option, and then select your device’s apps. Thus, your selected apps will be added to the Secure Folder and no one can harm your apps data.

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Add Folders in Secure Folder

Secure Folder has another option “Add Folders”, so you can use it and secure all the folders. It is useful when you want to secure all the images, videos, screenshots, etc.

Hence, you can just use the option and add all the folders. In this way, you have no need to select the images individually, no need to select the videos individually. Because the complete folders will be added to this security tool.

Add Files in Secure Folder Application

If you are a working person or a student, then you must have your personal data files. No matter it is your assignments, work files, office files, or any other personal files. Secure Folder has an “Add Files” option and you can just use it.

Then you have to select the files which can be word files, spreadsheets, etc. Add all the files in Secure Folders and secure your data from any kind of threats, attackers, or hackers. No one can harm your files and no virus can be detected in Secure Folder which damages your data.

Edit Apps By Using Secure Folder

You have another wonderful option in Secure Folder which lets you edit mobile applications. So, if you want to secure your application, then you can just edit them and can change their icons.

It will benefit you because the third party can not identify it and no one can attack your data. You have to just use the “Edit Apps” option and edit the apps as you want. Thus, your data will be safe and secure from all the threats as well.

Hide Secure Folder From Your Device

You have wonderful software which allows you to secure all the mobile data without any risk. It comes with a lock that helps you to lock your personal data folders, files, apps, etc. You can use any pattern, eye contact, fingerprints, or code, etc.

Thus, a third party will never unlock it and your data will be safe from all kinds of attacks. The Secure Folder itself will be hidden from our device and no one can know about it. Just you will know about your data and anytime you can unlock it.

Major Features

Main Features Of Secure Folder Apk

Secure Folder Apk comes with wonderful, useful, and fantastic features, these are as follows:

Easier And More Convenient

Secure Folder Samsung Device App is the most efficient application or mobile store which protects your device data from all risks. This folder has the ability to store all your private files and mobile-installed apps safely.

You can easily move your application or files It’s easy to move apps by just tapping or using the options of the application. You have the ability to use “Add Files”, “Add Apps”, “Add Folder”, etc.

By using these options, you can easily move the data from your device to Secure Folder without any problem. Hence, all personal data will be secure from malicious attacks.

More Secure

Secure Folder Apk provides you the ability to lock your Secure Folder by using the PIN Code, Password, any pattern, or biometric like fingerprints, eye contacts, and face lock, etc.

Hence, your Secure Folder will be hidden and all the additional data, apps, folders, files, will be secure. You can use the unlock password and easily get access to see your private pictures, personal apps, and files data, etc.

Effectively Manage Data

Secure Folder has the ability to manage all the data very easily and effectively. It is a very supportive and secure application for smartphone users and lets everyone protect the data from harmful attacks. It can efficiently arrange the data, manage the data, and secure it as well.

How to download and Install Secure Folder Apk

  • You have to go on to your Samsung device’s settings, and allow the unknown sources in your smartphone.
  • Now you can stable the internet on your android and visit this web page.
  • Here, you can see the Secure Folder’s free download option.
  • You can download with one click.
  • After this, you need to unzip the Secure Folder Apk with WinRAR.
  • Now just double tap on the original file and run the Secure Folder Application in your android device.
  • Tap to install Secure Folder in your Samsung device and enjoy Secure Folder APK Latest Version.
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Secure Folder Apk With Latest Version allows every Samsung smartphone user to get it free and do not waste money to purchase any security. This application is helpful, useful, and efficient from all other security apps.

Secure Folder app comes with amazing features, useful options, wonderful functions, an efficient interface, and wonderful management. It allows you to protect all the contacts, videos, private photos, personal files, chats, etc from third-party apps or malicious attacks.

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