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Covet Fashion Mod Apk Latest Version Download Unlimited Money

Covet Fashion Mod Apk is the latest free version of a special game that comes with amazing gameplay, features, and advanced options. This android game is very popular which helps every player to learn about fashion, styles. It also enhances the dressing style in professional practical life.

In the cover fashion mod, you can easily create your avatar and dress it according to your wish which makes this step attractive for many players. After spending time in the game, you can even participate in fashion competitions in which you can defeat your opponent around the globe.

With this game, you can enhance and boost your fashion style into a great look. You will have a variety of rewards such as unlimited cash in the game, diamonds, and some specific theme if you download this APK version of covet fashion mod.

Besides candidates, you can make yourself as a judge to judge the others fashion style. With its high-quality graphics, you can surely enjoy the whole game and after time you will love this game to spend more time on it.

It gives you real-life experience. You can come up with your unique and best fashion style skills around the world, and this happens only with this game.

The gameplay of Covet fashion Android Mod

The gameplay of this unique fashion styling game is the same as other fashion games but some points, features, options, and objects are different. You can just run the Covet Fashion Mod Version on your android device and start playing it.

It is very simple and you have to use the options which are given in the game. In this game, you can choose different dresses in which includes shirts, frocks, maxis, long frocks, eastern dresses, western dresses, t-shirts, and pants in different colors.

The amazing tops, shorts, and beautiful collection of dresses make it an interesting game. Moreover, you can use makeup, tones of makeup products, lipstick, etc. Similarly, you can choose the hairstyles, can see the collection of shoes, etc. So, the game is full of fashion, styling, and amazing as players want.

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Unique features of Covet fashion android Mod

You will get lots of new and unique features in to Covet Fashion Mod, which will not bore you at any cost. These are as follows:

1. Choose your outfit styling skills

It is the ideal feature which you will get to style your avatar outfit, which represents you in the game. There are a lot of helping items that are the core of your styling sense life kits for makeup, attractive and shinny clothes, and lots of accessories that can make your avatar a professional fashion model. To win the competition, you can try every item which is present in covet fashion mod to look which suits your avatar.

2. You can vote on different models

There are a lot more different avatars and the best thing about this game is that you can give your vote to their avatars. Besides voting, you can suggest to them that how to enhance more their avatars. With this voting system, you are engaging with other players of the game. You may become the hottest and best covet fashion designer around the world.

3. You can easily play this game with lots of friends

Playing games with friends and family member is on another level. You can know each other fashion sense and enhance each other skills to win the competition. But you can invite only from the social platform which is Facebook. After winning the competition, you can celebrate your success with each other, because there is no joy if your friends are not there.

4. Unlimited cash and diamonds are waiting for you

As you know there are some premium tools in every game and in covet fashion android games you can also purchase its premium tools only with diamonds and cash. When you download Covet Fashion Mod Apk, you will instantly free cash and diamonds which you can use later in the game to purchase its premium tools for better styling of your avatar.

How to download the game easily?

  • You can easily get the Covet Fashion Mod Apk.
  • Just go to the mention link.
  • All you need to just choose the YES button, after downloading the files on your android.
  • Take a seat and wait, because all the remaining process is automatically.

How you can install covet fashion mod on your android device?

There is no need to worry about its installing process because it is simple and easy to install if you follow the given steps:

  • If you don’t have an updated version of the game, then you need to reinstall the game for the new version.
  • After that, you need to allow the unknown sources from the settings of your android in the settings.
  • You need to make available space to download the covet fashion mode on your android.
  • In the next step, you need to give a location where you want to install the game on your android.
  • After giving the location, you need to download the files which can take a few seconds to complete.
  • After all these processes are done successfully, enjoy your covet fashion mod on your android.


If you are one of those who want to enhance their fashion skills then Covet Fashion Mod Apk is the best choice for you, because it gives you all the things which you need in real life.

You can use branded and luxury clothes to make your avatar attractive and get a high chance to win the competition. With the look of your avatar, you can be the best designer through through this amazing application.

You are not alone in this game, because your friends will vote for your avatar and know your dressing sense. You can show your best dressing sense to the whole world and and also create new ideas.

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