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ADB Sideload APK Free Download for Andorid Latest Version

ADB Sideload Apk is an android app that uses for downloading and installing files. Many people use the Google play store for download and installing any files as it was the easiest method to use.

If you’re about to install any app on your Android phone, you would go to Google Play Store because of the simplest method for downloading and installing the file.

You usually install apps from their Apk files but those files are just a setup for software that is downloaded from the browser like Mozilla or chrome after that installed when needs it.

All you need to do just permit to enable the unknown sources in your browser, as it needs you should have direct access on your android device but if your file gets damaged due to any cause then your UI will get crash so there will be no chance to access your phone except using the third party UI app.

Here Adb sideloads Apk will help you to control your device from the computer.

To install this app in case of a bad situation. If you want to learn more about it, I mean how to use and install the ABD app on the devices, you’ll have to go through the whole article. 

What is ADB?

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Basically, ADB is a command-line tool that is related to Android Software Kit. Add has the ability to control the android phone from the PC when your device has connected to the PC via USB cable.

It allows you to install or uninstall apps, transfer files, check battery status, get screenshots, get information, and many more. It is all about the set of codes that help you to perform different work on your devices.

This is a very powerful and advanced tool to perform for advanced work.

If you want to become an expert with ADB, you need to do some good practice and also need to understand the basic term of coding to be a master.

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How Does it Work?

ADB allows USB debugging to controlling the device when it is connected from the PC using the USB cable.  Add can easily detect any connected device.

It is known as the command line or command prompt which is average to relay the command and information among the PC and Android device. Some special coding and commands are there that will help you to control all the operations on your android phone. 

Some Pre-requisites for using ADB?

Before going to install APK using the ADB command, you need to know the following pre-requisites:

  • The very first thing you just install the device driver in your PC as all android phones have their own device driver which automatically works and installs when you join with the phone to your PC. If you don’t have the driver in your phone then you’ll have to download it separately or have to download the Google USB Driver which is the Software development kit.
  • After that, you just have to enable the USB debugging in your android phone and you can find the developer options from the setting bar then enable the USB debugging options by clicking on the developer options. 
  • Go to debugging section and find the USB debugging setting options. 
  • Finally, you need to download and install the ADB on your system. 
How To Download

How to Download and Install ADB on Windows?

  • Here you need to go to the download page for downloading the Android SDK tools.
  • Now you can download the SDK tools for windows.
  • You need to agree to all the terms and conditions and click on the download button.
  • After clicking the button your zip file will be downloaded, just extract it where you’re going to save your tool kit files.
  • Now we are moving to the other step to use the ADB to install apk.

How to Use ADB to install APK on your device?

Before installing the APK using the ADB command, you have to check that the ADB set is working properly.

  • You need to connect your android device with your PC and open the folder of SDK tools.
  • Then hold down shift and right-click. In the menu select option “open command window here”. If the command window option is not there, then you can click on the open PowerShell window here.
  • Finally, in the PowerShell window/ Command Prompt Window just type the following codes like “\adb devices” then press the enter button.
  • It will show the name of the device in the command window. If it does not show, then there will be a problem with your device driver. All you need to do just go to the search bar on your computer and then open to the device manager.
  • You can check your android device will be there just right-click on it and click on the update driver option and see the driver online where you can find the new driver available, it will automatically download and install on your PC.

Finally, you just need to go back to the command prompt/PowerShell and type the same command given above and then press the enter button. Now you can see the name of your device which is displayed on the screen.

After making sure that your ADB will be successfully set up and your device will get connected properly. Now you can use to perform any work on your device using the ADB commands. These commands require to be joining in the command prompt.

FAQs / How To

How to Enable Unknown Sources in Android devices?

It is easy to enable unknown sources in your device. If you want to learn it, then follow these easy steps.

  • First of all, go to the mobile “Settings“.
  • Then, go to “Security“.
  • So, you have to tap the “Enable” button to allow the “Unknown Sources“. It is accessible to download the apps manually on your device.
  • Similarly, a pop-up box will be warning you about the change in your device, just close it by clicking on “OK”.
  • After this, pull download the Notification panel from the top of the screen.
  • Thus, just Tap App and Install it.
  • All is done successfully. Enjoy!