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American Dad! Apocalypse Soon mod apk: Today ADAS game has become very familiar everywhere and most people like to play this kind of adventure game as it catches the player’s attention for a long time.

This role-playing game will bring you to jump into an entirely different world of adventures where would spend lots of time with your favorite animated series.

This game plays with the UFO dropping aliens on the earth and the aliens have kept Stan’s family as the captive. You fight the enemies to save the entire city.

When you’re about to take the charge of the army, you have to train the Roger Clones and equip them with the best armory to fight the enemies. You have to make the perfect plans to save the world from disaster.

In the American Dad! Apocalypse Soon, you have to take the role of Stan, who usually works hard to save his family from the dangerous alien.

While playing the game, your job is to build a good amount of shelter, clone aliens, and also make the army free this entire city. 


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Category RPG
Developer B.V.
Version 1.17.2
Size 139 Mb
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Requires Android 5.0+


While playing this game, your first and major task is to save the family from the aliens’ disaster who held the whole city with the Smiths. If he has to complete this task, then Stan has to move his home to raise the resistance movement in the whole country.

The player will have to make a strong shelter in his own basement to train the clone army.

The storyline of the game is based on some levels where you have to fight with your enemies. All the levels will take place automatically and your job is to make the detachment destroy your enemy.

In this game, you’ll not only meet with aliens, but you also have to meet the distraught citizens, Satanists, marauders, and many more. The important part is to create the detachment which could be suitable.

Your major arsenal is the Roger and his army of clones in this game. Every fighter comes up with the best skill and abilities; you just have to complete them with your own skill.

You’ll have an option to put the new clone and open the clone when you’ll progress your campaign, you’ll get the special containers. Moreover, you’ll have more chances to find out the necessary tools for your fighters.

Major Features

Main Features of the American Dad! Apocalypse Soon Mod Apk

American Dad! Apocalypse Soon has been launched in 2019. Now it has been downloaded by over 5 million people that is why it has a 4.2 rating from live players.

This game allows the players to play who has the age of +7 years, although some official resources need 12 years old to play this game.


This game starts with the adventure story told by the alien who lives in the Smith family.  While taking the control of this role, you can apply him during the game and get to know more about the capture of the Stan family members.

You need to make a good plan to save them from the alien and creates the necessary buildings. There is one roger benefit that is the skill in developing the technology.

He has created the cloning machine, with the help of technology; he can create a whole army of aliens to fight with the invaders. So you need to perform the little household task which Stan didn’t do it.


In the American Dad! Apocalypse Soon, you need the special device from the alien Roger to create the army. You just need to give the secret base underground and give Smith with all things that he required.

While playing the game, you have to make the production like training and support facilities to give the sufficient resources for destroying evil attackers from the planet.


The main chapter of the American Dad! Apocalypse Soon has numerous fights ahead. In the start, you just need to fight with the aliens as it the basic task of the player.

Once you destroy one alien, you’ll be rewarded in the shape of currency or necessary tools that will help you to chase the further task in the game.

Another fight will be started when you would destroy ten more enemies in multiple locations. After winning such a fight, the player will be rewarded with the form of alien junk that will get in handy.

There is another option to fight in tournaments or compete in the power of your own smith with the other players.


The American Dad! Apocalypse Soon comes with wonderful bright color and interesting sound as well. The graphics of this game is quite similar to a famous saga cartoon and developers had put beautiful elements that create more interest to play this game.

Everything looks quite fascinating and entertaining.


If you’re about to get a great result, it needs lots of money as it is not enough to play the regular version that is why here it allows you to download the American Dad! Apocalypse Soon mod to get unlimited money.

It will help you to make the production of clones at the top level and recover the city from the invaders.


After making lots of testing and generating a good performance by our own team, we have made sure that there will be no such kind of viruses and malware in this game; it’s completely safe to play on your devices.

At the same time, it doesn’t work on some of the devices but you don’t need to worry about it because the developer is trying to resolve it.

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Download American Dad! Apocalypse Soon Mod for IOS

How to install american dad! Apocalypse soon mod?

Here are the easier steps to download and install this game. However, you just need to follow a how-to-do guide that will be useful for you:

The very first thing you need to click on the download APK button to begin the download process.

After completing the download process, you need to go to the file manager and select the application file.

If you’re about to download the APK file for the very first time, then it needs your several permission. When you allow the installation process, you need to go to the device setting and put the button on.

It’s done now you can enjoy this American Dad! Apocalypse Soon game.

Final Words


In the end, we just say that you should try to play this adventure game as it is based on the most fascinating storyline and attractive graphic that usually attract the players.

Overall, it’s amazing and a good chance to improve your skill and ability. You’ll have lots of entertainment and quality of fun. So don’t miss a chance to play.

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