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Best Hidden Text App Free for Samsung, iPhone, and Android

In this article, we are going to guide you about the Best Hidden Text App Free for Samsung, iPhone, and Android Calculator which is very helpful for you.

6 Best Hidden Text App and Protect Your Privacy, Free for Samsung, iPhone

Hidden Text Apps

Everybody has unique motivations to disappear text messages, call logs and contacts. However, one very simple reason is that we have something secret on our phone and don’t want others to know; whether its immediate messages, contact numbers or dialog, got and missed call logs.

Especially young people have many mysterious things on their cell phone, and that is a shock for them that another person can see or know. Soon you don’t require to be cognizant about your phone when someone makes it to play amusements or to make calls.

The following are some of the most common Hidden Text App.

1. Block SMS And Call

Block SMS And Call is very simple to use app to hide text messages which makes everything working for you in one single package; in this application you can not only conceal or go private the Incoming Calls, Missed Calls, Call Logs, Private SMS and Private Contacts but also square out the unwanted calls and messages.

It has 6 styles in the present, which makes your every need likely in one single Android application.

Main Features:

Normally, when the ‘Phone in different hand’ mode is injured, it indicates that the calls are blocked/concealed simply from the ‘Black List’ contacts. On the off possibility that you require to cover approaching calls from the Private File contacts also (that is when you see that your telephone will be in someone else’s hand),

You can turn on the ‘Phone in the other hand’ choice. Along these lines, other people would never notice your private calls as well, and you can see those logs next. Once the phone is back with you, turn off this part, and you are good to go.

  • Add your own/private contact into this list after adding to the list. All call logs and SMS from these numbers won’t be saved into telephone inbox and call logs, however, are saved to the private area, and no one but you can see those.
  • With each contact, you can enter its artificial name so that when they call, and the SMS from this number is blocked, a notice with its fake name will present up on the status bar. By doing this no one but you can have the ability to comprehend who is informing and calling you.

Supported Operating Systems: Android


  • All calls and SMS from the listing of blacklisted numbers will be blocked and left to the private space.
  • The default mode is fixed to “blacklist only.” You can turn it to “All Calls” and by doing this all calls & SMS excluding the ones in the WHITE LIST will be prevented and logs saved to private space.


Due to the additional functionality, you will also require to hand over a lot of passage permissions to your phone and provided that you’re looking for additional security and privacy, this may be something that you have limitations about.

2. Dr.Fone – iOS Private Data Eraser

If you want to safely and permanently protect your privacy. You’d better selectively erase those text messages you don’t want others to see. dr.fone – iOS Private Data Eraser is a nice choice for you:

3. Shady Contacts App Download for Android, and iPhone

Shady Contacts is a great app that can protect SMS and call logs. First, you will have to install the Shady Contact app, and after the installation is finished, it will invite you to set the open pattern, and when you enter your pattern successfully, you will notice the dashboard where calls logs, contact numbers, SMS text can be disappeared from there.

Main Features:

  • Hide SMS and call logs apart from stock apps.
  • Unlock code security (PIN or pattern).
  • Choosing to hide the app from the launcher (by default, dial ***123456### to open).

Supported Operating Systems: Android, iPhone




  • Complex user interface.
  • Not very effective at hiding all the data on the device.

Best Hidden Text App for Android Mobiles, and iPhone Mobiles

4. Hide SMS App for Android, and iPhone Free Download

Hide SMS is anything but hard to utilize and keeps conversations bolted. Select the messages you require to cover up and Keep Safe will bolt them after a PIN cushion. Use Hide content to bolt your messages. Hold Saved places you in control over who sees what on your telephone.

hidden text app

Main Features:

  • Incoming messages for covered conversations directly go to Keep Safe grave.
  • There is an endless space for the storage of hidden texts.
  • Opportunity to hide the app from the launcher (by default, dial ***123456### to open).

Supported Operating Systems: Android


  • Endless usage and free subscription.
  • Endless space for storage.
  • It protects the texts very efficiently.


  • Very distinguishing about the device in which the app is to be installed.
  • It does not support all the android devices.

5. Vault App Download Free Apk, Android, Pc, and iPhone

Vault supports you with managing your security, keeping your photos, recordings, SMS, and contacts private, and hiding them from prying eyes. It enables users to create “private contacts,” whose messages and call logs will be protected from the phone screen. Vault also protects all incoming messages, alerts, and texts from those contacts.

Main Features:

  • All files will be saved in a safe place and can only be seen in Vault after a numeric passcode is inserted.
  • The apps that you take will be protected with a password. Added users can choose an unlimited number of apps to lock.

Supported Operating Systems: Android, and iOS.


  • Accepts the snap of the character who was trying to open the private folders.
  • Hide Vault symbol on the phone’s Home screen. When the stealth mode is initiated, the icon will leave and can be opened again by entering your password via the phone dial pad.


It enhances the encryption of the hidden folders and files and hence, slows down the time of processing of the home screen.

6. Private Message Box App: Hide SMS for Apk, iPhone, and Android

Private Message Box stores SMS/MMS/Call Logs of mystery contacts after the PIN pad. To have mystery messages and calls of special numbers, add it as Private Contact. If after that when any new message arrives from a new contact, it straightforwardly runs inside the application. It is easy to utilize and keeps client communication a secret.

Main Features:

  • Your SMS and call communication is 100% SECRET and secure.
  • Incoming/Outgoing Messages will automatically disappear. You can customize the announcement icon/sound.
  • Dial “1234” (Default Password) to open application.

hidden text app

Supported Operating Systems: Android


It also gives free texting between App Users. Just Sign-In with your number. Send endless text, audio, photo, and location details to another user.

Up to 300 emoji styles to pick from.

It also has a timer that automatically stops the application after a specified time.


The application can take corrupted very often. In that case, update it to the newest version, and you are good to go.

7. Private Space – Hide SMS and contact Free Download

Private Space is a moreover must have an application that provides you with the security and support to conceal your contacts, messages, and calls logs that you don’t require others to see. The app’s logo additionally can be covered; you can dial your “##pin hidden key, (for example, ##1234) to open this request after application cover-up is allowed.

Main Features:

  • You can protect this app, and no one will understand about hiding.
  • Protect your private CONTACTS from the system address book.
  • Defend your SMS & MMS by protecting your MESSAGES into Private Space.

hidden text app

Supported Operating Systems: Android


  • Protect your secret CALL LOGS and block your nervous CALL at awkward times.
  • ALERT with a ‘DUMMY’ SMS, vibrate or play your customized ringtone when you get messages or a phone call. You can be informed when new messages or calls arrive, but only you know what they are.
  • Move your phone to join Private Space in a hurry.


It does not hide the texts very efficiently. All it needs is a file browser, and the messages can be traced again.

FAQs / How To

How to Find Hidden Text App on Android and iPhone

Step 1:

Open “Settings” and tap on “Notifications.”

Step 2:

Select “Messages” and slide “Show Preview” to OFF.

Step 3:

Exit out of Settings as usual, and changes take effect immediately.

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