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Best Fake Text Message App Online Free Download

In this article, we are going to guide you about Best Fake Text Message App Online Free Download for Android, iPhone, and Pc which is very helpful for you.

Top 13 Best Fake Text Message Sending App (android/iPhone)

Fake Texting Apps

Hey, people are exploring for the best fake text message the app for android and iPhone 2019.

All the best and top-rated free artificial text sending apps and websites is here.

  1. Simply enter your friend number and send a joke message now
  2. All the fake SMS apps involved in this are anonymous text sending
  3. So your friends unable to recognize you
  4. So people turn on your crime mind and start pranking now
  5. Don’t use it for a criminal purpose
  6. Only prank your friends and have joy!!!
  7. Here is the list.

1. Fake Text Messages App Download

It’s one of the best app free on the Google play store for sending free secret texting SMS by simply in one click one of the best and simple to work an app

  • You can simply send a free anonymous text message to any us national person
  • By a genuine we number
  • Try it now and prank your colleagues
  • You can also defend your communication with a passcode
  • So your secrecy maintained and nobody will able to see your evil mind plans.

2. Smiley Private Texting SMS

It’s a different great app for sending an anonymous message.

  • Simply download the app and begin using it now
  • Create your artificial number and use your crime mind now
  • All the tools you need for anonymous message prank is here
  • Fast message sent service so you can simply see the return of your prank instantly
  • So people let’s download and send a message immediately.

3. I am not.me

It’s different one of the best app for the unknown message.

fake text message app

  • Simply enter the message and receiver name and you all set
  • One of the best and quick delivery anonymous message service app
  • You can send a message all over the world without showing your identification
  • Simply download the app and start pranking now
  • It’s one of the great apps for sending anonymous SMS. 

4. Txtemnow.com

This is one of the much free fake text message sending website free on the web.

  • Simply put your wanted contact on this website with city code and type your prank message and then tapped the send button
  • Now your message strongly sent to your contact
  • It’s one of the safest and simplest ways to send an anonymous message in seconds
  • So people visit the website and start pranking now
  • You can too send free anonymous phone call by this website with mysterious voices
  • Try it now.


5. Send Anonymous SMS

It’s a different great website for sending an anonymous message in seconds

fake text message app

  • You can simply prank your friends and family members
  • Simply fill the name of spoofer then pick the country
  • Now enter your friend or family member number here whom you desire to prank
  • Now record your prank messages
  • Its 145 character end you can simply write a complete message for prank
  • Now enter the protection captcha
  • And now tapped the send button like hulk
  • Now your prank message happily send
  • Enjoy pranking.

6. Send Anonymous Text

It’s too a good free anonymous sending website you can simply send free secret messages and prank your colleagues in seconds.

  • Simply open the website and take the country of the receiver
  • Now insert the phone number of receiver
  • Now insert the whole joke message in the message box
  • Now beat the send text button
  • Congo your message sent happily
  • Go and check the result of this prank message
  • It’s wonderful
  • So start pranking by it now
  • Before using it correctly, it’s terms and requirements.

7. Texttem SMS Sending Website

It’s a different great easy and easy to use free secret SMS sending website.

fake text message app

  • Simply insert the sender number and type your message and then beat the send message button
  • Now your message send to your colleague
  • When you tour the website, you immediately see the text sending box
  • Just pick the mobile ship you can also enter your email for getting a receipt on your email
  • Insert your message and send it to your companion and family members now.

8. Text For Free App Android, and iPhone

It’s too a good website for pranking your colleagues by sending secret SMS

  • Just insert your prank message and send it to your companions and family members now
  • Simply visit the website, and you see
  • Receiver phone number
  • Now register the number of who receives the message
  • Now insert the subject
  • Now enter your full prank message on it and prank your colleagues now let’s go to next step
  • Now insert the cellular organization of receiver
  • And at last, knocked the send message
  • Congo you successfully send a free prank message to your companion.

9. Text Drop

It’s a different great app for sending prank messages to your colleagues and family members. This website to have a widget which you can download on your mac or windows pc. And send an unknown message to colleagues and family members anytime.

One of the ablest website for sending prank messages. When you revisit this website, you see the easy user interface for sending a message. And you also notice a blue mobile which you can’t use, and it’s worthless.

Immediately fill the e-mail, insert receiver mobile number and type your prank message and beat the send message button. Congo your prank message sent successfully.

10. SMS Anonymous

This website is specifically built for Australian users.

  • You can simply prank your Australian buddy’s by this app in seconds
  • This app fastly send message to Australian users
  • So people if you desire to prank in Australia this website help’s you
  • Simply insert the receiver phone number and prank message
  • And beat the send message button
  • One of the most useful free anonymous sending message website.

11. SeaSMS

It’s a different great website for pranking your companions and family members by sending a secret message.

fake text message app

  • You can further send MMS to view this website
  • You can also insert the number which you require to show to receiver
  • Do it’s more reliable than anyone
  • More prank convenience is here
  • Now what are you expecting for go and prank now
  • Simply insert the receiver number and write the prank message
  • Enter from a number which you desire to show to receiver
  • Now beat the send message button
  • It’s complete
  • Go and enjoy.

12. SMSFlick

SMSFlick is also a good free anonymous sending website.

  • Simple and easy to use user interface
  • When you visit this website, you see
  • Simple SMS sending box with blank field’s
  • Just fill and send now
  • First of all, you need to choose the country
  • Select from box
  • Now enter a number which you want to show to receiver
  • Then
  • Insert receiver number
  • Now start whole prank message
  • And finally beat the send message button
  • Dance people
  • Your SMS successfully sent.

13. Anontext.com

It’s a different great website for sending free secret SMS to your companions and family members.

It gives your SMS instantly, so you don’t require to wait for your prank bomb blast.

  • Now hit the website
  • Fill the required details as same as the high website
  • At last, beat send message button
  • You all set
  • Go and view the reaction of your Chaddy buddy’s.
Final Words

Conclusion of Fake Text Message App

So, people, these are the best fake secret text sending apps/websites list android/iPhone 2019.

All the best and newest free fake SMS sending app list is here

  • Simply select the app and enter your friend’s number and start pranking your colleagues now
  • In these apps your identification is hidden
  • So start prank now and fool your friends in a different style
  • Don’t disturb your friends with overdo
  • Do prank in the end
  • Use your crime mind
  • Because with a great crime mind comes great accountability for pranking.

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