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Best Secret Text App Free for iPhone and Android

In this article, we are going to guide you about Best Secret Text App Free for iPhone and Android/IOS which is very helpful for you.

The Best Secret Private Text & Call App

List of Secret Texting Apps

If you’re concerned with privacy, safe messaging apps like Signal can encrypt your conversations and help block the bad people from eavesdropping. But what if you more have calls or texts you need to hide from those about you — those with a physical way to your phone?

Maybe you’re planning a shock party or require to keep sensitive picture messages out of the way? Either way, there are several apps ready to help you go hidden. Continue reading to see the 5 best and find the one that’s best for you.

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1. Telegram App Download for Samsung, Apk, Android, and PC

Telegram is common as a secure messaging app since it allows full end-to-end encryption. This proposes you don’t have to bother about anyone intercepting your messages. But it’s also an attractive way to use your phone for safe communications.

Their Hidden Chats or Self-Destructing Messages features give multiple ways to either disappear text messages and picture messages or remove them automatically after a set time.

Current updates even enable you to remove messages from the recipient’s phone from yours for added security. Both of these use a different way to minimize the chances of anyone snooping through your phone and getting your communications.

2. Signal App Download for Pc, Android, Apk, and iPhone

Signal allows features that make it simple to keep people out of your phone’s saved messages. Setting a password on your inbox is the easiest route. It’s also very reliable because you don’t have to bother about missing something you need to protect when everything is preserved.

You’ll also get a Disappearing Messages mode. Disappearing messages enables you to automatically delete messages sent to another device after a particularized time. Both can give shelter from curious family members, co-workers, or friends who might take their hands on your phone.

Of course, the app is also very secure. So you’ll be shielded from snooping while sending messages as well.

3. CoverMe Private Texting Messenger App Download

CoverMe allows privacy choices for both texts and calls. You can send self-destructing messages, remotely clear the messages you sent to others, and even change the app as a news-reading app.

Secret Text App

If you’re trying to defend files you’re sending back and forth — such as pictures — there’s a file safe which includes password security as well. The trick password feature lets you enter an artificial password and perform an empty vault if you’re worried someone might force you to sign in to the safe and share your files.

On the private calling app display, you’ll find password security for answering CoverMe calls and a separate 2nd phone number that lets you take exactly who understands the number and — more importantly — who doesn’t.

All of these features also add full end-to-end encryption, and CoverMe says they store nothing on their servers once the message is given or your call is complete.

4. Viber App Download Free for Android, Pc, Laptop, and iPhone

Viber allows a nice selection of features for secret texting and calling app. The app allows encryption by default so you won’t require to worry about anyone snooping while your messages and calls head off to their target. But there are also several secret SMS and media message features as well.

Like other apps in this collection, Viber allows the ability to lock your inbox with a PIN or send self-destructing messages. But if you’re looking for a more sensible method of keeping private communications out of sight, you can disappear conversations from your main chat list as well.

5. Kibo App Review Download for Android

Kibo uses a very different way from other apps in this roundup. Instead of being a standalone private texting app, Kibo stores in your keyboard. You use it with the corresponding apps you normally use to communicate — be that WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or also Android Messages.

It goes by encoding secret messages in unless normal messages. It sounds a little difficult, but it’s very simple. All you require to do to read the hidden Kibo messages is long-press on the hidden message, and it will show you the contents on your keyboard.

It’s not the most common approach, but unless someone remembered to look for the app, they’d be strange to find it. After all, if someone recognizes you’re using a hidden texting app, half of your warranty is already blown.

Sadly, it’s only possible on iOS at the time of writing. But Kibo says an Android version is coming soon.

6. Verdict

With a compound of privacy and safety features, Telegram is our top pick from secret texting apps in 2019.

Secret Text App

It’s comparable enough to other messaging apps that you should be ready to use it without having to learn a bunch of new features and message locking, past wiping, and self-destructing messages add extra security from people who might snoop by your phone.

It also has some of the best chat characteristics of any app in the roundup. Whether you see to share photos and videos, use funny stickers, or show yourself with GIFs, it’s all there. But be positive to examine with all of these apps. They all work individually, and you might find an alternative favorite.

Final Words

Final Thoughts of Secret Text App:

It’s essential to remember that all of these apps will have forces and weaknesses. A large part of keeping your phone project private has to do with timing. Regardless of the app you pick, disabling notifications can go a long way toward assuring no one is prying into your call or messaging logs.

Also, be careful of where and how you use the private messaging or calling app you fancy — these apps can’t make up for lack of responsibility and good practices.

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