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Best WiFi Texting App Free for Android, and iPhone

In this article, we are going to guide you about Best Wifi Texting App Free for Android, and iPhone with Using My Number which is very helpful for you.

10 Best WiFi Texting and Messaging App for (android/iPhone)

Wifi Texting Apps

Hey people need some wonderful best wifi texting apps for Android/ios 

As we all understand that the standard Androids SMS apps that come preinstalled with the operating system are limited and boring in terms of features and designs, so for the purpose manufacturers frequently change the program for messages to some of their own, and even some of those are not accurate either.

So thanx to the versatility of the Android that can develop and configure around anything and everything and so is with the iOS as fine. So if you desire to update your phone with the most advanced wifi texting apps, you can gain a lot of apps on both the play store and app store.

These third-party apps won’t only change from the standard one in terms of the interface but will absolutely change the process of creating, sending, and reading SMS messages. Here are the Top 10 best wifi texting apps for Android/ios in 2019.

1. Text Me App Download for Pc

Text me is the most reliable wifi texting application accessible on the android market and is on the first point of today’s list of Top 10 best wifi texting apps for Android/ios in 2019.

Through this app, you can send messages for free and that too in about 40+ countries of the world. With this app, not only the users of various platforms can be in contact with each other but the app also supports users to create a new phone number for free discussion between Android devices and other platforms.

Users can also use the advantages of video calls in HD quality, text communication, and voice recording later installing this app from the play store.

2. TextPlus App Download for Android, and Pc

Text plus though operates the second position on today’s list of Top 10 greatest wifi texting apps for Android/ios in 2019 is no less than any other app in this kind.

With this app, users can not only talk with their best companions but can also send free messages to any number and can even call throughout the whole world instead.

After downloading the app from play store and installing it on your device all, you require to do is to generate a free account by specifying the name, surname, country and other information about yourself and its done.

Besides this, while disclosing users can also specify their mobile phone numbers to receive notifications of new messages

3. Android Messages App Download for Pc, and Mac

The app being used recently by many professionals is the most common wifi texting app in the market as it is downloaded by more than 5 million users throughout the world.

Zero Sms is well recognized for quick and secure sending and receiving SMS and MMS. Besides this, it carries two SIM cards, a personal box and a group MMS sending as well. The app not only recommends 50 languages but can block viruses and scam messages as well.

The app is very high quality and entertaining program that will not only get you to a new level of communication with your colleagues, but It also includes a lot of useful options and changes as well.

4. Whatsapp Messenger Download Install Play Store in Android, and iPhone

As we all remember about whats app, this is the greatest wifi texting app accessible in the market for both ios and android. Being downloaded by millions of users, the app is the most common amongst the users at this level.

wifi texting app

The app first plans users’ accounts based on the phone number and then investigates by the phone book and adds to the contact menu those whose numbers are also enrolled in the service.

To use this application the only thing necessary is that both the smartphone users must have WhatsApp installed on their phone and should have an internet connection.


The app is the latest generation’s multifunctional SMS / MMS manager who has different and flexible settings.

Being one of the greatest wifi texting apps on the market it is in the fifth rank of our list of Top 10 biggest wifi texting apps for Android/ios in 2019. Besides sending regular msgs, the app is also able to send all varieties of MMS files, delivery reports, stopped sending and many others.

Users can even use characteristics like block SMS, automatic reply, and automatic resending with the buying of an added version.

Free WiFi Texting App Using My Number for Android Tablet

6. Signal Private Messenger App Download for Windows, iPad, and Android

Signal Private Messenger is one of the greatest wifi texting apps accessible on both ios and android market. With this app, you can send any number of messages immediately to friends and can even organize groups to communicate in real-time.

wifi texting app

Much like WhatsApp, the app connects your account with your phone number by sending a unique code, and after that, it makes make Signal as the central program for sending messages and making calls.

7. Telegram App Download for Pc Android, Apk, iPhone, Samsung, Mac, Windows, Apple, Movie, And Ubuntu

The app is downloaded by higher than 100 million users provides a quickly and securely interchange of messages. Telegram is the most active wifi texting app available on the market and has a fabulous data processing speed.

With this app, users can reach the app through any number of devices without missing the received information as all the data is saved in the cloud storage.

8. Wechat App Download Free for Android, iPhone, Pc, Mac, Windows, and Laptop

The app is attractively designed not only to send text and voice messages but also to make calls everywhere the country. WeChat users can send SMS or MMS for a pair of moments and can even make a video call with a great quality of the connection.

The app can be greatly used for sharing multimedia files – from video, text, or pictures, to voice messages.

9. Mood Messenger App Free Download for Android, and iPhone

Mood Messenger app not only provides an easy interchange of text and voice messages but has the features that give users with live communication, using emoticons, emoji, stickers, and other enjoyable things.

Besides this with mood messenger up to 200 participants can be a member of the chat at a time.

10. Chomp SMS App Download for Android, and iPhone

Chomp Sms is the most comfortable and fast app accessible on google play store. Besides sending text and voice messages, users can customize tunes, picked icons for the notification panel, various vibration styles, and pop-ups as well.

wifi texting app

One of the different features of this app is that users can customize their text messages and make them resemble as they like.

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