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Advanced Root Checker Pro Apk Free Download Latest Version

Root Checker Pro Apk is the latest version of the android application that comes with amazing functions, wonderful features, advanced buttons, and various resources for free.

So, you can now enjoy root checker without a subscription to the premium version because the free version is now available.

This latest free version will allow you to root your device and apply many other settings to keep your device secure. Moreover, you will install it in any android version without accepting requirements. 

There are no limitations for users and also the issues are solved in the pro version. Hence, you can use this version because there additional options, buttons, features, and other content that will help you.

If you want to get Root Checker Android Free Version, then you should learn what is it and how it works. After this information, you can easily install the completely free mobile app on your device from this web page. So, let’s discuss this root checker application deeply.

What is Root Checker Pro Application?

The root checker application is a mobile app that helps to check the device for root (administrator/superuser) access. Also, this app allows the user to check the busy box and also check the installation of the busy box.

The root files give access to install any app without any risk or issue. 

Moreover, this android application will check or test your device for the busy box. Also, it gives root access by providing simple steps or methods.

Download APK / Mod Latest Version

It provides a very quick and valuable method without any further permission from the device. Also, it manages the device data and grants the root access.

So, the root checker pro can easily verify the location of the su binary on the device. Without the permission of Root Checker Pro, you can’t reach your goal and get access to the device.

Hence, if you are going to root your device for some purposes, then you should use a valuable application that provides benefits.

As sometimes the users face some issues while installing the app on their device and the system creates issues and does not accept the app.

Then Root Checker Pro helps to refresh your device and allows the system to accept other mobile applications. It comes with complete security and provides protection from harmful attacks.

So, if unexpectedly you have downloaded a mobile app but it has some harmful files, then you can root and refresh your device to remove the files and get a genuine application file.

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Major Features

Features of Root Checker Pro Apk

Root Checker is a wonderful app that comes with the pro version and is available free for everyone. Also, it comes with plenty of features that make the application more interesting. These are as follows:


Root checker pro-free latest version comes with the compatibility with many devices like android all versions, windows operating systems, and others.

Check Root Build Info 

This wonderful mobile application is useful and helps to check the root build info. So, now you can easily check the information and use it everywhere easily.

Fastest Root Checking Method

The most amazing feature of Root Checker Pro Apk is that it provides the fastest checking methods and quickly roots the devices. As many other apps provide the same feature but they are not good in results and waste most of the time.

Whereas, root checker pro comes with a wonderful interface that runs very easily and smoothly on every device and provides quick results.

Unlocked all options

Root Checker Pro Apk comes with unlocked options that will help you to use this application without any subscription.

Because the premium or paid version of Root Checker Pro allows payment method and without any payment, you can’t get the app or use it. So, this free version comes with a free app and also an amazing feature that provides unlocked rooting options.

No Ads

As many users want a free version of every paid app but the free version comes with ads that show a bad experience. The users don’t like to skip ad in every minute and lose interest.

Hence, Root Checker Pro Latest Version comes with ads free feature and there is no ad. All the ads are removed permanently in this apk version. So, now you can enjoy this free version without paying for a single coin.

Better Performance

This application is popular and considered the most wonderful rooting app that comes with amazing files and functions. Because it provides a wonderful performance and doesn’t waste the user’s time. The best performance of the application always provides a better experience and you will enjoy everything.

Sharing Options

If you are checking your device and want to share the process or results with your friends, then the Root Checker Pro provides a sharing option. So, you can easily get instant results and then share them with your friends which will be a very surprising thing for them.

How to Get Root Checker Pro Apk

Root Checker Pro Mobile App is not as difficult to get on your device, because it comes with free and wonderful files. The new users can’t get it easily, so the easy and useful steps are as follows:

Step 1: You can allow your mobile to accept the apk or third-party app files without creating any problem.

Step 2: Hence, the download link of Root Checker Pro is provided on this web page.

Step 3: You can simply get the application file by clicking on the provided download button.

Step 4: Now you will get the application file from the download folder of the file manager.

Step 5: Just you have to extract the Root Checker Apk file and then easily install it on your device.

Final Words


Root Checker Pro Apk is a useful application and is available for everyone with free files. Its features, functions, and performance are really outstanding.

The fastest results and complete report, information, working, and the interface make it a perfect root checker application.

You can easily install the application by clicking on the original file and it will be run on your device. No root files are required for installation, no ads will interrupt, and there is no security risk.

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