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Police Scanner Pro Apk Mod 5.0 Free Download Full Broadcastify

Police Scanner Pro Apk is an android application that comes with the latest version and allows everyone to download it quickly without a subscription.

The pro version is the latest that comes with additional features, functions, advanced options, best performance, great interface, etc.

So, if you want to enjoy this app on your android device without paying money, then this apk version is a good choice for you. This free version is more useful, wonderful, helpful, beneficial, and amazing than the other paid versions.

Because you can save your money, and enjoy the performance, results, and the wonderful features that will offer you to fulfill your needs as well.

What is Police Scanner Pro?

Police Scanner Pro is an android app that allows its users to scan or search the live streams of police. Also, it offers to listen live streams of fire, railway, and aircraft.

Moreover, this application offers to listen to worldwide radio stations from different countries. This mobile application has a wonderful interface that runs smoothly to provide the best performance.

You can search any radio station to listen to their live streams of any country. It will help you to collect information about your country and others. So, you can enjoy multiple stations, their streams, fires, etc that will always be available on your device. 

Police Scanner Pro is a popular application and it has more than 7,000 police stations that can be listened to everywhere and at any time. Similarly, the database is more than 8,000 fireplaces/stations in different countries that can listen.

Download APK / Mod Latest Version

There are various countries or states like Canada, France, Australia, United States, etc. So, the Police Scanner Pro users have the opportunity to collect all the information according to police, stations, etc through their devices.

Moreover, Police Scanner Apk is compatible with all android versions, so you will be able to run this application on your android version without any issue.

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How does Police Scanner Pro Works?

Hence, you can easily open this application on your android and find the channels in your area. If you are new and don’t know how to use Police Scanner Pro on your device, then you should relax and start understanding its functions, etc. 

So, you can easily find the radio channels in your area by using the Police Scanner Pro application. In this app, you will see a search option that will allow you to search or scan all the nearest radio stations, police stations, etc.

Then you will have various channels on your device’s screen and you can choose anyone that you want to listen to. This searching is not as easy as you think because the application is really amazing and allows you to use the zip code. 

Hence, if you want to get the radio or police stations of a specific area, then you can use the zip code or city name. It will help you to find all the stations or channels of the area and will be shown on your device’s screen as well. So, you can listen to all the streaming and enjoy this advanced android application.

Major Features

Features of Police Scanner Pro Apk

Police Scanner Pro Apk comes with plenty of features that are wonderful and fantastic for every user. Let’s discuss them.

Map Scanning

In Police Scanner Pro, you will enjoy the map scanning which means that you will see the locations of all stations and easily select any one station to listen to the streams.

In this way, you will be able to visit the whole country or world and enhance your knowledge about radio stations. 

Fantastic Performance

The amazing performance of this android app helps to enjoy the content, streams, and fires. Moreover, you will quickly select the country from the given map and start listening to their stations. No alarms, ads, errors, etc will occur during the streams.

Customizable Alerts

In this amazing mobile app, you will have an option to listen to the live streams of any station. You can change the region and play their live streams easily.

Similarly, you will have an option to visit the whole map and test all the stations. So, it will help you to ignore all the other stations and listen to your favorite.

Colorful Themes

Police Scanner Pro Latest version comes with a lot of features and advanced options that make this application better than before.

Similarly, you will have a color themes option which will allow you to change the themes and use colorful themes. This option will enhance the beauty of the app and you will really enjoy it.

Free and Easy to Use

The most amazing feature of Police Scanner Pro is that you can now download it quickly, and easily, and start listening live streams without any subscription. So, you have a chance to fulfill your dreams and show interest in radio or police stations.

How to Get Police Scanner Pro Apk?

Police Scanner is a fabulous android application that is available with apk version and everyone can easily get it on his/her device. The instructions are as follows:

First of all, you have to enable the apk version on your android device. Because it will be a permission that you will give your device to download free versions of the application.Police Scanner Pro Apk

Secondly, you can visit our page and get the link that is available for everyone.

You can get this app easily and install it free on your device. There are no subscription charges that will stop you from anything.

Final Words


Police Scanner Pro Apk is available free with extra features, advanced functions, wonderful and useful options, and good performance.

If you are interested to play the live streaming of police stations or radio stations in your area, then you can use this free version of Police Scanner Pro Android.

It will help you to search every channel in your area, out of the city, and also all around the world. Hence, you can listen to your favorite channels and enjoy their content without paying money.

It will show quick results and provide you a complete list of the area stations.

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