How To Say Follow Me On Instagram

How To Say Follow Me On Instagram – 7 Creative Ways

Here you can learn 7 most Creative Ways for How To Say Follow Me On Instagram which would be very helpful for you.

Hi, follow me on Instagram … are you sure by saying this you will be followed? I am sure it’s not easy as it looks. But people need real followers and this trend is trending on the internet day by day.

More users enter the platform each day and it has become a major objective for everyone to find out how to get famous Instagram FAST? Having said that, it is clear that an appropriate strategy is needed; I will share it below.

Knowing how to say follow me on Instagram is like you do not know what to do or you have to think about what could be done beyond that, this is why I will discuss with you and guide you to how to say follow me on Instagram with crisp and detailed examples.

Let’s check it out…..

How To Say Follow Me On Instagram In 7 Creative Ways:


1. Hash Tagging Strategy

We’re all familiar with hashtags, aren’t we? Those are the tools you find on social media platforms for communication, and how that is, well, you create your post and add as many hashtags as you can, and those hashtags make your post appear into the social media world to get people to know about you.

So choose your hashtags, and choose them wisely, because they will help you attract people to your content. Some advice to choose good hashtags could be:

  • Hashtags related to your topic or Niche: Now it is clear from the name that you use the most relevant tags that are relevant to your content; it’s a fast and easy way to reach your target audience and make people start following you.
  • Attractive hashtags:

Now, this is a bit tricky and challenging way, as you have to work on it closely to mix your content with the current or trending events like you have content related to automobiles and Soccer world cup is coming, you may use #drivesoccer.

  • Hashtags designed to attract more followers:

Now, this is a more cheap way to get more followers or to say follow me on Instagram, how? Well, use the hashtags that cleverly hiding the meanings you want like #followlike, #followback, etc.

Hashtags are an unavoidable mode for your words to have a more extensive reach than you may suspect, hence permitting you the chance of acquiring much more devotees as the days pass by.

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2. Best Time To Post

Best Time To Post

Like in every part of our lives, timing is everything and it’s anything but a significant effect on the entirety of our undertakings, so Instagram is the same in such a manner.

You should follow the timing of people when they use social media and on that time post your content to get followers. The relevant and researched time for posting on Instagram is mentioned below:

Days, Wednesday to Friday and of course Saturday. Time to post 8:00 Pm, 11 PM, etc, and do not post on Sundays, it is the worst day, people tend to avoid social media platforms on holidays.

3. Page Promotion On Other Platforms

Another way to increase your followers on Instagram is to make your presence on other social media platforms. There are many social platforms with large traffic; you can convert this traffic to your Instagram by linking your accounts.

Examples include Facebook and Twitter.

  • Facebook

 Facebook is one of the easiest and efficient ways to increase followers, if you already have several audiences on Facebook, you can easily take them to your Instagram account.

  • Twitter

If you have a Twitter account, you will have an idea that post on Twitter becomes more popular. You can also ask your audience here to follow me on Instagram.

This can greatly improve your confidence, so hold an eye on the latest possibilities which may put you in a scenario like that.

4. Follow Your Followers

This is fairly straightforward.

Instagram will always allow you to follow specific users by showing a “recommended users” tab.

You can follow those who seek your attention, in this way you can make a bond with them, and in the long run, they can help you to increase followers. They’ll be discussing you with their friends and relative and in this way, your followers may increase.

5. Join An Instagram Group Or Create A Group And Add Others

A group or DM, in Instagram, is the platform where you can express your feelings more freely and openly, and the best way to say someone to follow me on Instagram is to join a DM or a group.

You may create your group, but prefer to join groups related to your content. The Instagram algorithm is made as if you have 10 accounts and 1 M followers from every account your posts to all followers will create an impact and this will enhance the chance to let people follow you more.

6. Use Location Tags For Your Presence

Telling people where you are on the map is a good strategy to let people know your interests and thus people will follow you without letting you say them to follow me on Instagram.

7. Try To Use Influencer Marketing

With online advertising, you will be communicating with people who have lots of followers and are attached to their followers on a deeper level in some way.

They will be able to inspire and guide them, for example, in the use of a specific new collection of watches.

Pros And Cons To Say Follow Me On Instagram

There are also pros and cons to increasing your followers on Instagram and any other social media app.


  • You will be definitely, get followed using techniques advised to you above
  • You will understand the ways, tricks and tips to get followed
  • You will have a larger impact on your audience using above advised ways.


  • More stalkers to check your activities
  • Marketing could let you involve money which is a bit not recommended
  • You may use negative ways to get followed
Final Words


How to say follow me on Instagram is not something that happens by accident; at least, not if you want to see a significant increase in followers. A proper strategy is used to achieve the target point.

As discussed above, constancy is the key; if you try out these strategies, you will be able to increase a large number of followers. Keeping yourself connected with your followers will be highly impacted by unbelievable results.

Increasing followers is not as easy as it seems, you have to invest your time, dedicate yourself to this field. So, keep going with your efforts and you will achieve your target.

We have given all tips and tricks to increase followers in the article. We hope this would be helpful to get results.

FAQs / How To


Is Instagram secure to use?

Instagram gives the user control over privacy and security to the account holder. If your account is private, no one can access your account but if your account is public, everyone can see your activities. You can manage your account and follower to whom to want to add or remove.

How can I change Instagram privacy?

In the bottom right corner there’s your profile, go to it. Open the menu and go to setting and then go to privacy. Switch your account to private and privacy will be applied.

How to recover an Instagram password if it’s forgotten?

Go to the sign-in page and write down your email then click “forgot password”. Instagram will ask your email or phone number that is registered with your Instagram account. You will enter your email or phone number and will get a code. Enter the code and reset your password.

Is Instagram messages encrypted?

Facebook and Instagram have recently announced that the messages on Facebook messenger and Instagram are end-to-end encrypted. Only sender and receiver can read their messages, not even Facebook can read their messages. 

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