Megapolis MOD APK

Megapolis MOD APK/IOS Get (Unlimited Megabucks and Coins)

In the gaming series, there are plenty of games that increase the interest of people in this field. Those people who take interest in construction projects.

They really like a cool story and super amazing games. Like SimCity Built, The Simpsons Tapped Out, Theo Town and much more popular games included.

So, the Megapolis Mod apk is one of them. It is a popular city building game. In this game, the player has to build his own city with modern buildings, garden-style, and roadmaps. Thus, you can make different buildings, airports, railway stations, etc.

This amazing game helps you to increase your thoughts. Moreover, it is a platform to check your mentality and also likes or dislikes. It means that you can observe what kind of things you like. And what kind of things you ignored or dislike.

The construction will be the mission of the game. So, choose the area and start constructing. Choose your favorite building and place it in a suited area. All the things you will get from the game store.

Moreover, you can design the map of your own city and then start to construct it. So, you have a good chance to make an idea about the city with a lot of facilities.

This type of game gives knowledge to everyone, which types of facilities an area wants. The facilities like electricity, hotels, park, water supply, factories, and many more. As you know that the factories have to place in the far off city.

Then you can easily place the machines to build factories. Within a limited time, it will be constructed as well. The modern buildings of hotels will make your city more beautiful. The park area also makes it attractive.

Megapolis Mod Apk App Information:

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How to play? Megapolis

The Megapolis Mod apk is very easy to play for everyone. If you are a new player, then you have to learn it. It is not difficult because it is interesting. So, download the game on your mobile phones and start playing it.

The display is very attractive. You can first complete the game tasks to collect Gold coins for use to build your city. So, solve the problems and collect more and more coins. Then you will have the ability to build the required thing in your city.

In the solving task, you will have a puzzle type of task. So, you have to complete it in the given chances. Then the task will complete and you have collected some Gold coins and points. So, you have the ability to purchase the required object to build your own city.

This is a really interesting game and full of fun. The interest will increase in the apk file. Thus, download the Megapolis Mod in your devices and enjoy it. It is totally free for everyone.

Major Features

Features of Megapolis Mod Apk

The game features always make it popular and attract people. Similarly, the Megapolis Mod apk provides extra features in this version. So, download it from here and get benefits. The special features are as follows:

Unlimited Coins

This Mod apk file is full of benefits and supports the player. Hence, it provides unlimited God Coins to every user. Because these coins needed to unlock the objects from the game store.

You can unlock your, favorite and modern buildings, decoration pieces, and many more. The Megapolis Mod apk provides unlimited gold coins to fulfill your desires.

Unlimited Megabucks

The megabucks also provide the ability to unlock the game store objects. So, Megapolis Mod apk provides limitless megabucks to help you.

Facebook Login

It is a very special feature in this gaming app. Because it gives a facility to log in to your game via Facebook. So, you have no need to make any profile in the game. Just login with Facebook I’d and enjoy the game.

No-root needed

In this game, the special feature of the apk file is that you have no need for support of any rooted file. Because this game is very special and popular. Thus, it will simply download and install on any android device. And you can play it well.

Install the apps directly on mobile

This apk file will directly be installed on your mobile. You have no extra effort required to download or install it.

SSL encryption on application

The SSL encryption is also available in the Megapolis Mod apk version. So, be happy and enjoy to play it always.

Easy User Interface

The user interface is easy and always gives the best performance. The players enjoy it more.

Megapolis MOD APK

Download Megapolis MOD IOS


  • Android Version 4.1 or more
  • Data Connection 3G or 4G
  • Wi-Fi is recommended
  • Login Facebook
  • Enable unknown sources on the device

What’s New? 

  • Improved graphics
  • Improved sound quality
  • Added new features and themes
  • Bugs fix
  • Improved performance
FAQs / How To

How to Download the Megapolis Mod apk with Unlimited Megabucks?

The download and installation process is very easy for everyone. If you want to know how to get Megapolis Mod apk free. You have to read the following steps.


  • Step 1: In the initial step, you have to click on the previous version of the app. Then “Uninstall” it from your device. If you want a Mod apk file, then this step is most important for you.
  • Step 2: In step number 2, Go to your device “Settings” and open the security sources. Then click on the “Enable” button to give access to Megapolis Mod apk in your device.
  • Step 3: In step number 3, G to “Google Chrome”. Simply search the Megapolis Mod apk app. Quickly select the high-rating web page and open it to visit.
  • Step 4: In step number 4,  you need to click on the “Download” button and waiting for the process.
  • Step 5: In the 5th step, you have to unzip the downloaded file through the (WinRAR).
  • Step 6: In the 6th and last step, you can “Click” on the file and press the “Install” button. Then wait for the installation process. So, Megapolis Mod apk is ready to use. Enjoy!

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