How To Delete Klarna Account

How To Delete Klarna Account – Ultimate Guide in Detail

How to delete Klaran account, see Klarna is like many other financial payments apps and platforms, which provide you the following nice benefits like financial services, online storefronts, payment solutions, post-purchases, and direct payments, and other services.

It is a Swedish bank named Klarna Bank AB, with below amazing features providing to its customers

  • You will use your Klarna account with no annual fee, like other banks charge
  • It is safe and secure end to end, so good for internet banking and online transactions
  • Its auto-pay feature lets you pay a minimum amount of your purchases from your bank account to your Klarna account

And so on…

Now, many users don’t want to continue their financial accounts for any reason like the issue of fraud or switching to other platforms or email spamming and want to delete their Klarna account, though it’s not that easy because such financial platforms don’t want to lose their customers and will convince you with many other offers. But if you still want to delete, deactivate, remove your Klarna account you need to follow these simple steps I have prepared for you.

How To Delete Klarna Account:

How To Delete

Steps To How To Delete Klarna Account Using Browser

To delete your Klarana account from the web interface the first step is to

  1. Make sure your all purchases or orders are paid off and you will need to wait for 10 days to clear any pending transactions or payments
  2. Then You need to remove your payments information from your account and the app
  3. Sign in to your account by clicking “
  4. After signing in chat with a customer support representative and tell him that you want to delete or deactivate your Klarna account and follow the instructions
  5. Wait for the implementation from the customer representative and your account will be deleted in a while.

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Steps To How To Delete Klarna Account Using Mobile App

To delete your Klarna account using a mobile app

  1. Open Klarna mobile app from your android phone or IOS phone and log into your app (mostly the mobile app remains logged in)
  2. Look for settings and remove your payment information from the app
  3. From the customer, support menu start a chat with a customer support representative
  4. Ask them to stop your marketing send-outs and ask them to delete your data
  5. They will work on it and when it’s done they will let you know (usually they will ask you to wait for 10 days and after 10 days your Klarna account will be deleted)

Pros and Cons To Delete Klarna Account


  • The marketing emails and email spamming from the company will stop
  • Your all pending payments will be cleared
  • If your account accessed by someone or any fraud done with you then deleting the Klarna account will save you from further damage
  • You can switch to other apps with hassle-free


  • Klarna platform provides the payment options in 4 easy installments for any purchase, you may not get such a facility with other vendors.
  • Once the Klarna account is deleted, and if for any reason in the future you need to restore it you will have to follow a lengthy procedure for it.
  • You will lose a big list of stores, services, and online payment facilities provided by Klarna, with the ease of bank account attachment with your Klarna account
Final Words


Klarna platform lets its users purchase products from many online and offline stores or sites and pay back the amount on a post-purchase basis in easy installments as well.

You can browse through many products, and there are stores available on their site and you can make purchases using the Klarna app. But, recent research and users’ feedback shows that many users want to delete or deactivate their accounts due to email spamming issues and others want to delete account due to advance payment deduction issues.

So for those users, I have written above a comprehensive way to delete or deactivate the Klarna account. You just need to follow some simple steps and you will be good to go to delete your Klarna account.

Keep in mind that you must fulfill the requirements before sending them the request to delete your account, you will have to give your ID information for verification purposes by signing in to your account.

You will have to clear pending payments and your all purchases will be stoped, but the most recent orders may not be canceled as those may need to follow extra steps by filling the Contact Us form.

FAQs / How To


  1. What is a Klarna Account?

Klarna is an online paying app and financial services provider from Klaran Bank AB Sweden.

  1. What are some of the services Klaran Account is providing?

Klarna provides online financial services like payment solutions for online shopping, direct bank payments, post-purchase payments with no annual fee, zero-interest options, and 4 easy installment facilities as well.

  1. Are the payments made by the Klarana account safe?

Yes it’s safe and secure

  1. Do you need to clear your pending payments and purchases before deleting your Klarna account?

Yes, you will have to clear your pending payments and your all purchases will be stopped and will be cleared in 10 days

  1. What is the first step to delete or deactivate your Klarna account?

You need to go to the following web address portal and sign in to your account

  1. What you should do if your order is not canceled?

Though there is a very limited amount of time available when your order has been placed to cancel it, you may contact customer support by using Contact Us Form, selecting cancel my order, as a reason, and wait for their reply.

  1. What is the next step to delete your Klarna account?

In the next step, you will be taken to a customer support services agent, you will inform them that you want to delete or deactivate your klarna account for some reasons, and the agent will delete your account after some verifications

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