weather underground app for android

Weather Underground App for Android, iPhone, and Windows

In this article, we are going to guide you about Weather Underground App for Android, iPhone, and Windows 10 – Review which is very helpful for you.

Download Weather Underground App 4.2.2 for Android


Are you bored of The Weather Channel’s bi-weekly freak-outs regarding “megastores?” Then Weather Tube might be for you. Weather Underground says it attracts from multiple data sources, including 33,000 personal weather services run by local supporters.

Weather Underground’s Android app (free), guides to sate nerdy data want without sacrificing beautiful design. It’s an Editors’ Option for Android weather apps.

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Stylish Data

Weather Underground is centred on giving as much information about the weather as likely, as quickly as possible. Thanks to a new redesign, Weather Underground’s weather data is more intelligent than ever.

The default design is a white background and black text, but I suggest the alternate mode’s black background for more comfortable viewing.

Weather Underground receives its weather data from various sources around the country, and the app automatically chooses the one most familiar to you. However, you can tap some blue text below your current location to choose whichever weather station your favour. Neat.

Below that decision are several movable parts for extended or hourly forecasts, an extended radar map, in-depth information on conditions, morning and evening times, moon-phase information, and a textual (as opposed to numbers and graphics) increased forecast.

You can reorder these elements however you like, but you won’t be capable of removing any. A push-button lets you access local weather radio, ski reports, and storm maps.

Tapping the magnifying glass picks up your favourite locations and lets you explore for new ones. There’s a quick summary of the weather for those locations, but I want I could just swipe left and right to see more data.

For planning a trip, it’s a bit uncomfortable. I much favoured how The Weather Channel for iPhone and 1Weather for Android managed locations.

By far, my preferred feature is the current conditions and hazards, which allows you to add your voice to the mix. Mine tells the weather in Murray Hill (the neighbourhood in New York City where I work from PCMag’s offices) is overcast, but it seems clear to me.

With several taps on my Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, I can offer my observations. It also covers a comparative forecast in text. Usually, something like “tomorrow is forecast to be Warmer than today.” That’s dangerous information, and the sentence format moves it quickly and easily.

Fans of the Weather Underground website will get most of what they’re looking for, without for long-term wind-direction forecasts and past data. You’ll have to deal with some little banner ads, but that’s minor trouble.

The Wundermap

Weather Underground estimates its WunderMap a central feature, as it’s connected to in at least three places. This composite map displays radar, temperature, precipitation, crowd reports, IR satellite data, wind, and weather displays on Google Maps. You can also charge it to see the weather in action.

The Wundermap is a handy machine, albeit a little overwhelming. Pilots, amateur astronomers, and weather nerds will surely appreciate it. The remainder of us will just check if that big wind is headed our way.


The Weather Underground’s app and setting are one thing, but most famous people will probably get their weather knowledge through widgets. With this app, you notice three.

The most comprehensive widget is a resizable weather map, with a base size of 2 by 2 slots on your Android’s desktop. But I didn’t much concern for the weather-map widget and obtained the other two much more helpful and tastefully planned.

The 2 by 2 widget adds a three-day forecast, while the 1 by 1 shows just the current circumstances. You can configure all but the WunderMap widget to perform a custom location, in case you require to immediately check the weather in San Francisco while you’re in Reykjavik.

Weather Underground also tucks weather info into your announcement tray and the notification block. Just about all weather app does this, but I liked the style of Weather Underground’s little forecasts the best.

Mostly Sunny

What sets Weather Underground apart from the game is its centre on raw weather information and user engagement. You won’t get breaking stories or lifestyle videos here. I like that you can immediately add your comments from the main page. Additionally, the capacity to take your weather station works to Weather Underground’s strengths. I’d like more comfortable access to multiple locations, though.

weather underground app for android

Weather Underground gives design and function in a lovely app that gives you everything you need, and suddenly. It’s a solid Editors’ Pick for Android weather applications.

Editors Review of Weather Underground App for Android, iPhone

Weather Underground gives a unique answer to the weather problem by joining up to a network of thousands of free weather stations, then aggregating that data. The result is an amazingly rapidly-updated piece of work with accurate data, and good warnings wrapped up in a fabulous tile-based interface.

Get localized weather information presented right to your Android device with Weather Underground. Weather Underground gives you reliable weather data for locations around the globe, using a different network of more than 180,000 neighbourhood weather services.

The app features 7-day forecasts with text reports, hourly forecasts, various worldwide forecasts, individualized forecasts from the all-weather station, and rapid updates that may occur as immediately as once every 2.5 seconds.

The app also offers an interactive weather map that includes current conditions from its weather station network, along with animated radar and satellite overlays and weather camera feeds.


  • The world’s most reliable weather service pinpointed to each microclimate.
  • Check current circumstances or forecasts with data points from 200,000+ personal weather stations over the globe.
  • Community features add crowd reports, webcams, WunderPhotos, and more.

Weather Underground App: Forecasts For Android & iPhone

Weather Underground gives the world’s most accurate hyper-local weather forecasts in enhancement to interactive weather radar, satellite maps, and severe weather warnings.

As always, we admire your feedback. Please email us at [email protected] with any ideas or questions. If you like these changes, please let us understand by rating and studying us in the Google Play store!

weather underground app for android

 Check modern & future weather conditions

  • The temperature in the notification bar: immediately view current temperature and weather situations
  • View modern weather conditions from your local weather station including temperature, seems like wind speed & direction, humidity, dew point, clarity
  • Design for the week with 10-day daily & hourly weather forecasts
  • Interactive weather map displays all the personal weather stations in your neighbourhood with activated radar, satellite, and much more data
  • Hurricane track maps
  • Save your preferred locations and recent searches
  • Smart Weather Forecasts – set your ideal weather conditions for outdoor actions and we’ll tell you when to go
  • Search detailed weather data like air quality, UV index, sunrise & sunset, and moonrise & moonset
  • Keep an eye out for fantastic weather with severe weather alerts
  • Customizable weather widgets – choose from different colours, sizes and update periods
  • Personalize your app activity with light & dark modes, map types, units, and rearrangeable tiles


  • Snazzy new device.
  • Lots of information, no hype.
  • Lets you share your observations and take your data source.
  • Comparative forecast.
  • Clear, compact design.


  • Contains ads.
  • Multiple locations feature awkward to use.


Final Words


Weather Underground seems a balance between data and design to quickly deliver the experiences you need before stepping outside. Its looks and thoughtful layout make it the best Weather app for Android.

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