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ZONA Project X Apk for Android Free Download Latest Version

ZONA Project X APK is a post-apocalyptic action. After the nuclear explosion on our planet earth, there was practically nothing alive. The fate of humanity and the entire planet will depend on the main character of the power, who is one of the few lucky to survive an explosion.

Unpredictable plot, great graphic. Different kinds of weapons. Bloodthirsty horror monsters and greedy thugs – this is what is waiting for you to play the Z.O.N.A Project X space.

The game has an exciting efficient plot and realistic 3D smooth graphics, many dangers in face of missions will meet on the way to the main character. In the battle with them, the presence of disassembled weapons will help you against them.

Actions in the game take place in a post-apocalyptic world where life is almost gone due to war on the planet. The earth became unsuitable for normal existence.

Where the future of all mankind depends on you. You and a handful of people are trying to fight for his life on earth who survives in the explosion.

You will be equipped with advanced weapons and lots of ammunition with enhanced quickdraw mag for a faster fire rate to protect you against monsters, who are eager to grab your weapons and supplies.

The game you will appreciate for good and efficient 3D graphics and a variety of missions.

ZONA Project X Apk File Information

Download ZONA Project X Apk Latest Version

Download ZONA Project X Apk


This game is smooth and efficient for every user of end devices. There is no game error or any further issues which irritate our user. In addition, ZONA project X can make use of their advanced guns to kill the monsters and get points to complete their missions.

In veteran missions, players should upgrade their guns to make them beautiful and enhance the firing speed and increase their damage to kill the monsters in a given time.

Kill the monsters before they kill you and then your points will be lost which you earn early. There are friends near you, can talk to them and share each other’s weapons and make a team to kill enemies and earn a lot of points for inventory shop in your game lobby.

As you pass out challenges and as a result addition in your rank level increases the further missions getting hard and typically different from previous levels.

Either you can kill your enemies with your lavish guns or with your melee weapons like a machete, knife, sickle, and a variety of more melee weapons waiting for you. At the night you can also use night vision to see your enemies in night clearly.

Major Features


ZONA Project X APK comes with plenty of useful features that are really beneficial for you. These are as follows:

Flexible and advance Controls

Drive your vehicle with smooth controls to knock off the moaning monsters.use guns to shot them and lower their health fast with an upgraded gun with lots of new thrilling power.

3D Graphics

Featuring brilliant 3d graphics and awesome visual effects, every time in the game will be extremely enjoyable for Every  Android user. In addition, the simplified graphics and demanding gameplay for every device user.

Good Performance

You can easily have the game install on your low-end smartphones with low ram mobile to provide good and smooth performance in-game.

Unlimited Money

In this apk version, we give lots of unlimited money to our players as they complete their missions. From this money, you can upgrade guns and your outfits too to build an expensive wardrobe in your game lobby.

Unlocked Weapons

With this apk file, you will get all weapons in unlock form. So, you never fed up to use only a few weapons. As we clear that all weapons are unlocked and waiting for you in the lobby to kill your enemies with the best aim with the efficient result.

Best Audio Performance

With powerful soundtracks of roads and immersive sound effects of zombies moaning, our users in ZONA project X will find themselves completely in love with this intensive Monster game.

Easy to download and install

ZONA Project X Apk is a Game on the Android platform, download the latest version of ZONA project X Apk for android. This can be played for free and no need to root your cell phone to download or install this apk file, Just download the apk file and directly install it and enjoy the game.

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Download ZONA Project X APK IOS

FAQs / How To

Easy Way to Download and Install Z.O.N.A Project X APK Latest Version Free

There are a lot of web pages on the internet which offer to download and install ZONA Project X APK Android’s latest version. You will not get the original file because all are fake. From this web page, you can get the original apk file links free. Just follow the steps that are given below.

1. Uninstall

You need to uninstall the previous version of the ZONA Project X app from your device. Although, you have to go to the device app store and select the previous version. Here you have to need to select the uninstall option and remove it permanently from your device.

2. Allow Third-party Apps

Now you have to need to “Allow Third-Party apps” on your device. For this, you can go to the device settings and enable the unknown sources.

3. Get the Link

Just click on the download link that is given here. Soon the process will start within seconds.

4. Stable Internet Connection

To download the Z.O.N.A Project X android speedily on your device, you have to stabilize your internet connection. This step is necessary because the stable connection will increase the download speed.

5. Download Process

Actually, the download process will take few minutes, so you have to wait for it.

6. Open Download Folder

Just go to the file manager and open the download folder. The newly downloaded app will be there.

7. Extract File

Now you have to unzip the apk file with the WinRAR app.

8. Installation Process

Open the app and tap to run it on your device. Then select the install button and wait for few seconds. All is done successfully, enjoy Z.O.N.A Project X APK Complete Version Free. 

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