How to Play Xbox Cloud Game on Mobile NOW!

Hey guys and welcome back to the Xbox one Game, and today we have got an awesome bit of news for you. Xbox cloud gaming is launching today for Xbox game, pass ultimate members in 22 countries with over 150 games, which is massive, but in case you’re, not sure exactly why or how to take advantage of this brilliant game pass feature in this video.

We’ll talk you through absolutely everything you need to know, starting with the obvious question you might have previously known it as project cloud, but Xbox cloud. Gaming basically does what it says on a tin.

It lets you play Xbox games on the cloud, not the fluffy. Is it just me, or does that one look like dancing, hippopotamus kind, but the connecting to remote servers kind? The important thing is, it means you’re able to stream Xbox one quality games over wifi or a mobile network right to your android phone or tablet.

So you can basically take your console around with you in your pockets or your backpack, without having to literally do that better. Yet you don’t need to own these games or have ever played them before.

As long as you have an active Xbox game plus ultimate subscription, they’re yours to play wherever and whenever you like. In fact, you don’t even need to own an Xbox full stop. So if you’re yet to dip a toe into the console waters, or maybe you’re waiting for series x or s later this year, Xbox cloud gaming is a great way of accessing some of the brilliant titles in the game.

Pass the library and you’ll get all the benefits of playing on Xbox such as achievements, parties, voice chat the works, and if you have played these games, then you’ll be happy to hear that all of your saves and unlocks will Carry over whether you’re playing on console or mobile and back again, so you’re free to hop between devices without losing a moment of progress.

Oh, and we should probably talk about multiplayer because it’s. Pretty awesome in its own right, you’ll be able to play with friends whether they’re, also playing on the cloud or on their console. And if the games support cross-play on Xbox one, you’ll be able to play with pc gamers too.

Just imagine the possible combos, a couple of phones, a laptop, and a tv, and you could gather a whole galleon’s. Worth of mates, to turn a sea of thieves into a couch, co-op experience or carry out your next destiny, 2 strikes in the park, or whatever you fancy.

Basically. So that should give you an idea of a couple of the games you can play. But before we dig into the full list there’s one that deserves a special shout out. Minecraft dungeons, which have been especially reimagined for this service, see to play most of the games.

You’re, going to need a controller. We’ll come back to that in a moment, but for Minecraft dungeons, Mayank has developed dedicated touch controls along with a redesigned UI to make the game work perfectly on the smaller screen, and because no two mobile devices are alike.

The controls can even be customized to suit your setup and your thumbs, and when crossplay comes to Minecraft dungeons. Later this year, you’ll be able to team up with fellow dungeon crawlers on pc and even other consoles right from your phone.

But as we’ve mentioned already, this is just the beginning of the long long list of games you can play with Xbox cloud gaming, starting in most cases right now. The full list has just been revealed and it’s, got 172 games on it and, according to Kareem charlie VP of cloud gaming at Microsoft, what you’ll see on the day, one is just the beginning.

Over time, we’ll continue to innovate and add more games that you want the list spans the whole spectrum from hidden gems like hollow knight and sleigh. The spire to the very biggest blockbusters hello halo, get gears.

You’ve, got older classics and shiny new releases, including some games that I’ve just dropped in the past month. Like wasteland 3. Tell me why and spirit fader we can’t go through all of them here. It’d take all day, but we haveĀ got a few suggestions of games and places you could play how about grounded in the back garden peering down at your feet, to see if you can spot the tiny people running around building bases or even the untitled goose game.

If you don’t mind the risk of summoning the goose if you happen to live in Edinburgh or the peak district, why not fire up Forza Horizon 4 and see if you can find the spot? You’re, currently stood gaming on or resident evil, 7 biohazards literally anywhere, except a dark, dank cabin in the woods.

Let us know which combinations you’re experimenting with down in the comments, and we said you could play most of these 172 games right now, which means there’s. Also, a few we’ve already got to look forward to as well such as destiny 2, which is coming to game pass and cloud gaming alike.

On the 22nd of September, with the shadow keep and forsaken expansions included, and also on the coming soon list, you will find indie bangers, katana, zero and night in the woods plus fantasy pest control, simulator Warhammer vermin tide 2.

. We’ll. Keep you updated with all the latest additions, as they arrive so make sure you subscribe to Xbox on and hit that notification bell. Okay, so at this point, you’re about ready to dive in so we should probably talk about how just to do that.

Well, the first thing to do is make sure you’re in one of the 22 countries, where Xbox cloud gaming is supported. If you’re here in the UK or Ireland, or over the pond in us and Canada, you’re good to go and a ton of European countries are supported too.

You can find the full list down in the description. If your country isn’t on it, don’t worry too much. The service is going to keep growing. This is technically a beta launch. Kareem says to ensure stability as we scale the feature to millions of gamers globally.

But if you are in one of those countries, the next question is: do you have an Xbox game pass ultimate and only you can answer that one! Really, if you’re, not an ultimate subscriber it’s worth knowing that it’s, super cheap to sign up for, and it’s as easy as going to Xbox dot com forward, slash Xbox dash game Dash pass so you have got your subscription ticked off nice.

One next up is hardware and the device you need to play it on. So that’s an android phone or tablet running android, 6.0 or higher. Given that updates have been around since 2015, chances are that you do just check the settings on your phone or tablet, and then you “ll need a controller to play it with any standard Bluetooth compatible Xbox.

One wireless controller will sort you out here or if you fancy something specifically designed for mobile gaming. Well, we’ll, get to those options in a second, but once you’ve ticked off all these questions, it’s just a case of turning on the device connecting to the controller and downloading the new and updated Xbox Game pass app from the google play, store or Samsung galaxy store, and you’re away.

Okay, so we mentioned controller options designed specifically for Xbox cloud gaming. There you have got plenty of options thanks to the new designed for the Xbox line of mobile gaming accessories.

Razer is making a special Xbox version of its award-winning Kishi controller, putting all those familiar buttons on either side of the mobile screen, including an integrated Xbox button and clickable analog.

Thumbsticks as well as pass-through charging for your smartphone, while you play for a more old-school experience there’s the sn30 pro from 8bitdo. It might look retro, but it’s. Positively futuristic gaming experience with customizable button mapping and stick and trigger sensitivity and then power a have a whole host of options from clips that’ll.

Let you mount your phone on your current Xbox One controller and the Moga XP-5x plus and XP-7x plus controllers, which have the mount’s built-in and if you’re between phones right now, or the idea of having a shiny, new big screen to play.

On it makes you fancy an upgrade if you buy a new Samsung galaxy device and select the gaming bundle app purchase, it “ll come with three months of Xbox game pass. Ultimate and power is XP 5x plus controller included nice.

So, as we’ve said Xbox cloud gaming is the latest addition to Xbox game pass ultimates and to be fair. If you’re in the mood for some mobile gaming, it’s, probably worth the money on its own, but that isn’t all you get not by a long shot.

Ultimate gets you to access both the console and pc game pass libraries each of them heaving with over a hundred titles, and coming later this year it “ll also includes ea play games, which are being included to add even more games to the library.

We can’t, wait for some small screen, sims action and you get an Xbox live gold subscription. So you can play with friends online and a load of exclusive discounts and a monthly package of perks for your favorite games and beyond, and free games with gold to keep it’s a lot.

Basically so there you have it Xbox cloud gaming. In all its glory, what are you waiting for? Go? Get playing but make sure you hit that like button and check your sign up to get notifications for all our latest videos because there is plenty more good stuff on the way we & # 39.

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