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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Apk OB+Mod v2.0.1

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Apk is a role-playing game. It is full of fun and a very interesting game.  Also, it is a very rich and funny game task system. It provides the ability for players to do anything.

It means that the player can control the game character and modify it as their desires. This is a video game but not too heavy for your system. You will find it as an action mod, story, drama, and also fun.

The map is given in it in the city. Also, there are a lot of missions to complete and get other amazing things. We can say that the GTA game series has established itself as one of the best game series of all time. Moreover, it gains billions of popularity in a very short time period.

The Grand Theft Auto game is very unique in the gaming field. It has many aspects and features to attract people. The game display is very attractive and full of colors. The layout is also amazing and satisfied the players.

All the missions giving by the lawyer and placed as one by one. These missions are like challenges that make the game more interesting. If you saw the game anywhere, you will not ignore it. The most important thing that will entertain your child.

The gameplay is also very interesting and helpful. Further, it paved a clear way for all of its future entries. The game is specially designed to give a real human-like feel to the players.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Apk Game Specification:

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The Story of GTA San Andreas

It begins in the year 1987. Out hero, Carl “CJ” Johnson, had to observe the brutal killings of his brothers. This unexpected incident forced him to transmit the life of crime. That’s why he decided to move to Liberty City.

He thought about starting a new life in that area. Thus, everything went well for the next five years. But one day his mother was killed by someone. When he heard the news, he becomes sad about it. At first, he did not believe that news but then he realizes that something going wrong.

Therefore, he was worried about his whole family that was killed. Moreover, his all friends also were in grave risk. Hence, he visited his mother’s internment. But soon he found a pair of policemen.

They forced him to perform some illegal and dangerous purposes. The entire scenario acted in the favour of CJ as he went on to become the boss of San Andreas. His final goal was to find the real killer of his mother. After some time, he got fame among the streets of the city and built strong and lethal groups.

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The Gameplay of GTA

As it is a unique and storyline game. The gameplay is a bit similar to other games of this series. So, the San Andreas apk is the same as its earlier parts like GTA III and Vice City.

It attracts players with action and adventure. So, the player can select his/her favorite roles in the game to play it. Moreover, it is based on third-person shooting, racing, and many more.

It is very easy to understand the game rules and play it easily. It is not a big deal and does not create any issue while playing.

The interface is also amazing and adorable that helps it to run in your devices smoothly. You can easily control it as well. All the missions are simple but interesting. So, you have to finish in order to move forward in the game.

You have to drive awesome vehicles and complete the challenging mission. Moreover, kill members of the rival gangs or enemies by the order of your lawyer.

Also, there are many more things like encountering new in-game characters, receiving open contracts, and robbing people. It looks like a reality performs various jobs.

Major Features


  • This video game gives you access to drive any vehicle.
  • You can also steal the car on the road.
  • Moreover, you can kill any person in the game.
  • It is also possible to unfollow the mission and you can play the game as you want.
  • Thus, you can’t get any reward or you don’t move ahead after unfollow the mission.
  • You can choose the character that you want.
  • It is really fun to robbing people.
  • The Grand Theft Auto San Andreas has amazing graphics.
  • Moreover, you have the option of completing some side missions in the game to entertain yourselves.
  • Furthermore, you can visit any place you want and live a normal life like a real human.
  • This wonderful game comes with cloud save support.
  • It also enables to control it via stick.


  • High-speed Internet required
  • Android version 4.0 or better.
FAQs / How To

How to Install the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Apk in Your Device?

As it is a video game and very trending to get awards. You can easily download it on your device. The instructions are as follows:

  • Search the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas apk on the internet. The original website will provide you the real file. So, you have to avoid fake web pages.
  • So, now you have to press the “Download” button and wait for it.
  • And now you have to press the “Install” button.
  • Few seconds required for the installation process.
  • Simply gives permission to the app to access your media files. So, press the “Allow” button.
  • Now your best gaming app is ready to use. So, you can play the game as well.

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