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In this article, we will describe to you step by step about Disney Plus Apps, I hope you published this useful.

hey, guys on today. The video we’ve been looking at Disney Plus. So let’s just go right into your App Store. This is the same instructions, whether you guys have an iPhone iPad or iPod Touch by the way.

So, once we’re in your App Store, let’s, go right into search once you guys hit Search just type in Disney Plus. Our second option should say it is a plus, so just go right into it and just press on getting so.

We’re gonna download the app that’s. Very first thing: we’re gonna. Do it’s, gonna be pretty quick? It’s, pretty small apps, not a huge, so you’re, looking at maybe two minutes in order to download it for most of you, others, with a faster internet search, be a minute or a couple of seconds once the app has downloaded.

We can go ahead and tap on open right down here. You’re gonna see, try now so let’s. Just tap on try now gonna sign up with our email. Then it’s. Gonna ask us to choose a password, and after that, it will ask you if you guys want the year or the monthly, then you just have to confirm with your touch ID or passcode after that, you guys will see this screen.

It’s. Just gonna load up and we can add profiles into your account, so I’m gonna teach you how to add profiles, since you guys are most likely right there anyways let’s, just go back so on my bottom right-hand Side I’m gonna see profiles and most of you might see a screen where it says to add a profile so right now, I have three profiles already set up.

However, to add any other profile you can just tap up here on that profile. I can choose any icon and type in the name. If I want this to be for my kids and keep it kid-friendly, then I can just turn this on.

I can turn off or on autoplay. That depends. I always just going to autoplay just so you don’t have to click for the next episode. It’s. Just gonna automatically play the next episode and right. I’m.

Just gonna put kid this one. You guys can put any name you like right now. I’m gonna put safely and there we go. I have four profiles once it is safe for kids. So if I go right into it, I’m, going to everything that’s kid-friendly.

If I want to switch any profile, I can just tap down here below, on the bottom right hand, side and I can switch up to my own profile and I’m gonna see different content because this is everything, not just kid-friendly content from Here, if there’s, anything specifically on a search, there is the search down here below, which is our second option.

So we can type in anything any movie that you guys like to watch or we can just go back home and explore each one. So, for example, if you click on Disney right now, we’re gonna see all the movies plus originals from this thing, and if I want to go back, I can tap on the home.

For example, takes me back, I can tap on Pixar and see the content here. It’s. Gonna be on the other channel content. I can always scroll to see more. I can go back. Home same goes for the marble scroll down.

I can scroll downsides to see more and more go back home, Star Wars, same deal, scroll down, see what’s up scroll through go back home, and National Geographic same deal. I can scroll through scroll suicide.

See you be more you more! You more anymore and like always, go back to home if you guys would like to download anything. So let’s just go right into Star Wars right now. If I want to download this episode entire season, I can’t on the right-hand, side.

You will see those arrows that are to download. So if I can tap on that arrow, it’s. Gonna start downloading. That chapter, so, if I going to downloads down here below, I can see right there, so it’s downloading in progress right now when it’s fully downloaded.

I can see all my downloads right here and I can also take off my downloads and delete them at any time. So let me just go back into him. I’m gonna stop this download. I can remove the download or just pause it for now, but in this case, I’m just gonna remove it there we go alright, so that will take up space on your iPhone app such if you download anything.

You do not need to download by the way you can stream anything without downloading. So, if I tap on here, I can go ahead. Resume exciting, where you start watching that I can go here, just press play and go ahead.

Anyways, that’s it for this quick tutorial. If you guys have any comments, questions you guys can write down here in the comments area, don’t forget to subscribe and rate. Thank you.

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