5 Essential Chromecast Apps – How to Use and Connect

If your TV, not smarter for you, but you don’t want to go out and buy a new one. Well, Google’s here to help with the Chromecast apps, because this little dongle will give your TV an IQ boost, or at least let you use some apps with it.

But while there are lots of essential Chromecast apps out there like Spotify, Netflix, and YouTube, there are also lots of must-have apps that are less well-known, and here are five of our favorites. One of the most interesting features of Chromecast is how it allows you to mirror your phone screen onto your TV.

To do this on. Android is easy, but on iPhone it’s, a little more complicated, which is where all cast comes in an app that allows you to send all kinds of pictures and videos from your iOS device to your TV, ensuring no one can escape your dog Pics, you can also list any music on your device and share files from google+ Instagram dropbox, your media server and google drive.

There are more and more Chromecast apps that allow you to play games with your friends together on your TV and one of the best is the big web quiz developed by Google creative labs. This is basically a pub quiz-style game that allows six people to connect.

At any time, questions appear on your TV screen and using your phones. You have to give the answers as quickly as possible. Getting the most points makes you the leader of your group and gives you bragging rights for the rest of the evening because you’re, the greatest another great app for Chromecast is cast pad.

This one connects your phone or your tablet to your PC to show a blank page. You can then use your device’s touchscreen, to draw whatever you fancy the base app lets. You draw shapes and lines in a variety of colors, with the paid version providing even more options.

It’s, a small diversion when you’re at home by yourself, but it’s, excellent for an impromptu game of Pictionary or to explain a difficult concept. You can even use to explain why the Panthers offensive line struggled with the Broncos defense.

There are tons of games to play on your TV through Chromecast, but one of the best is Ubisoft Stryver. This game looks so good. Honestly, you’re doing a disservice by playing it on a smaller screen. So why not stream it to your TV for a full-screen experience and just use your phone as the controller, a dynamic that keeps your fingers out of the way of the action? Now you can just sit back and enjoy tense action from the comfort of your couch.

Chromecast is often used to send exercise videos from YouTube to TVs, to more easily follow directions, but exercise videos are boring, so we found you an alternative fit flap. Yes, as they may suggest to you, this little exercise game takes its inspiration from the phenomenon that was a flappy bird.

The only difference is you have to flap your arms to control the rise and fall all the app uses. Your phone’s, camera to follow your movements and, assuming you have the space it works. Fantastically now wave your arms around like a lunatic to make that pig fly and there’s.

A sentence I didn’t. Think I’d, be saying when I came to the office this morning, that’s it for another five apps, but as always comment like share or even dislike this video to. Let us know what you thought: that’s.

It for this week, though, and I will be back in seven days with your five valentine’s day survival – apps, see you, then you.

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