How to Shop on the Wish App – Download For PC

Welcome to In this article, You are going to learn how to shop on the wish app. I’m gonna open the wish app right here on my iPhone. If you do not have an account, you’re gonna have to create an account. Like I usually say I just used my Facebook account because they already know everything about me.

How to Shop

So I’m logged in right here. Using my Facebook. Account and it’s, pretty straightforward. To be honest, like here’s, a bunch of different random stuff. I can search in the search bar for things. So if I’m looking for drones, I can search for drones and specifically find a bazillion different drones.

Well, let’s. Look at some other different, like shopping features. If you’re, just like looking for random stuff on here, so you have got a little slider right here under the search people. Don’t.

T really see that, but you can actually slide that and see different categories of things. So we’ve got a pickup, so I could actually pick this up locally so that’s kind of cool. I guess I got blitz pie, so I can do this little spin once a day sail on extra discounted products, even lock 75 projects for bliss by plane, oh okay, so I have 10 minutes to buy any of these blitz buy products that I guess are like.

Even more on sale than they normally are so yeah that’s, blitz bye! What’s next? One gets your delivery by Thursday. So if you got the little truck symbol, I can get this bye. Let’s see today. I’m filming this.

It’s Friday, so I can get this by next Thursday. I guess by buying you this stuff, so that’s, cool brands. I can shop with different brands. Regionally view gadgets as automotive hobbies so yeah. Now we’re like scrolling through, and I can look through different things.

So if I’m just like shopping, I’m like oh. I want to look at like bashing and like cool, hoodies and stuff. I can just scroll through right there, but yeah or you can search which has a lot of crap. To be honest, like a lot of this stuff on here straight crap, there are, tons of YouTube videos out there of people spending lots of money on a wish, and most of it is junk.

My philosophy is this: I would not buy like super techy like drones or video games, or things like that. Probably just gonna waste your money, but if you want to get something that’s like just like kind of it’s kind of dinky to begin with, like a pokemon ball battery bank, like you’re, probably Pretty safe with that, I probably want to buy like a drone or something little dinky plastic.

Things are probably fine. So, like an iPhone holder, I don’t know. If I’d, buy fake air pods, like those are gonna be trash. Most of the stuff is just like gonna be garbage, but if you can look at something and think hmm could this possibly like come broken or like not function? And I probably wouldn’t buy it but, as I said, if it’s like a rubber iPhone case like it’s pretty hard to mess that up.

So you’re, probably pretty safe with that or like this right here, soundproofing foam. Is it gonna be the best studio foam like I have here in my studio? Probably not, but if you’re on a budget, and you just want to get 24 for 10 bucks and see how it turns out there, you go ten bucks, you can put foam on your wall as I have so yeah that’S the wish app click buy.

Add it to your cart check you out, Yatta yeah, you guys don’t need to. I mean to explain that, like that’s, that’s basic stuff right there. They are gonna. Get your shipping, though. So, if you look here, there is some shipping cost here on which I might sell you something for five bucks, but they might charge you 20 bucks for shipping.

So, keep that in mind make sure you take a peek at that shipping cost right there. That is how to shop on the wish app guys if you liked this video hit that thumbs up button. For me, theme, your thoughts about wish below, have you ever shopped on a wish? Have you had a good experience? Have you bought a crap? Have you bought good stuff? Let us know what kind of gems we can find on a wish if there is anyone all right guys.

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