Netflix App Review

Hey what’s up guys and yes, yes, I’m, reviewing the Netflix app but hear me out because I got a point to me. So when you launch into the app you’re, greeted with hundreds of options for what you might want to watch, including your watch list nestled right in there, then at the top, there’s, a search button loaded to search by title Or actors/actresses across them.

Now you have your main navigation menu and right at the top, is where you’ll switch profiles, and I’ll feature that HBO and Amazon still don’t. Have then you’ll have notifications and my downloads – and this has been around for a little while now, but I think we really have to stop and applaud Netflix for actually giving people what they wanted.

Now. Yes, it’s not available in every show or movie, but it’s not available at all on most other services. So the fact that it exists here at all is really cool. Then quick access to your watch list, which I really appreciate, because in the past you might have to scroll down quite a ways before finding it below that there’s a whole bunch of categories, and then we hit the app settings.

One thing that I will complain about, though, is there’s still no way to access your account settings from within the app. There is a button here, but all that will do is take you to their website minor inconvenience.

Yes, but it still bugs me hopping into the app settings, and so you got a bunch of useful features. First of all, you can adjust every aspect of your data usage. Then you have settings for downloading.

You can adjust whether or not you can download without Wi-Fi and at what quality it even gives you a nice chart for your storage usage, which, as you can see, mine is really low. Last but not least, you have 3d touch shortcuts and even 3d touch within the app itself.

So, after all, that you have probably come to the conclusion that Netflix is the ultimate streaming service, and while I would have to agree with you on that, there’s. One thing they continue to bother me about and that’s.

Its lack of support for Apple’s TDF. Now it is true that you can search for TV shows and movies and start playing them within the app, but you won’t, be able to anything to up next, and of course, it won’t.

Remember where you left off. Netflix is one of the only large streaming services not to adopt the platform yet, and I would really appreciate it if they got around to it. All of that aside, though I do think Netflix is well worth the price, I don’t think I to tell you that all of the taps are incredibly well designed in a selection of TV shows and movies our Bar None.

So I give it a 5 out of 5, I’m, going to need to cross my fingers that they’re, just a little slow and not outright boycotting the app. So today’s. The question of the day is what is your favorite streaming service? I think I made my answer clear, but let me know by tapping the eye and don’t.

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