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Content is not going to be about the ear of those apps. It’s actually going to be about this app called. Letgo app now if you are familiar with this app or if you have used it comment down below right now. I would love to hear about your experience and love to see how many people have used.

Letgo app now if you are not familiar with, letgo app, it is an app where you can actually meet up with the person and sell the item to them. So you do not have to ship the item where Poshmark and Macari you do have to ship.

The item, so this is going in a little bit of a different route kind of more like a craigslist type of platform, but it is called letgo app, and I just wanted to touch on why my husband and I really like this app now.

I want to say I tried to get him to come onto my youtube channel, but he refuses. So if this video gets 50 likes, then he will be on my next video, but it has to hit 50 likes all right guys. Let’s, jump into my favorite things about, letgo app and why we use it.

The first reason why we love letgo app is that we actually sold our car. We sold our vehicle for $ 5,000 on, letgo app, and this was about two two and a half years ago, no probably two years ago, and we took the car to it -‘s, a Mustang.

We took the vehicle to a car dealership and they were not even going to give us $ 1,000 and we both looked up the value and we’re like heck. No, we are going to sell this by ourselves and that’s. When we discovered letgo app, we were able to sell that Mustang for $ 5,000.

Now it is an older Mustang, but instead of giving it to the car dealership for 1,000, actually wasn’t even $ 1,000. Instead, we’ve sold it for 5,000 and that helped us buy our next vehicle so definitely consider using letgo app for bigger items like a vehicle.

It is a great platform because it is local to your area, so it helps local people find based off of your zip code vehicles or whatever other items you have on the platform. But it’s, a really great opportunity to sell or buy a car.

The second reason why we love this platform is because you can actually promote and sell your services, so my husband has a side business of aerial photography with drones, so he actually works with real estate agent to take drone footage of his houses that they are trying To sell so like, if you’ve, seen on like Zillow or Trulia houses from really high up getting like a bird’s, eye view that’s, what he does as a side business and he is actually able to Promote and sell his services through, letgo app.

He actually had a farmer reached out to him about getting drone footage of his. I think it was like eight acres of farmland and he really needed aerial photography of his farm land. So it’s. A really great opportunity, if you are a freelancer and you have services you can actually sell and promote that on, letgo app so.

It helps people in your local area find and reach out to you about purchasing your services. Next thing that I love about this app is that you can sell so many different things, so I’m gonna go over the top things that they have listed at the top of the app that you can actually sell.

Now a lot of apps are very limited, like Poshmark, for example, is limited on what you can sell on the platform and sometimes Macari there’s like a couple things that you can’t sell, but this lego app is endless with The amount of things that you and sell, so I’m just going to give you a really brief rundown on what you can sell: electronics, sports, leisure items, cars, motorcycles and other vehicles, home and garden fashion and accessories, baby-like services, housing, anything in housing, Jobs and services, which I mentioned earlier about my husband’s; drug photography, business movies, books, music, like air, pods or any type of headphones, and it’s.

Just like endless. The things that you can sell on here is endless now something that I see a lot is gaming, so my husband has sold a lot of like electronics that can be used for gaming like his computer.

He put together his whole computer by himself, so he actually has purchased a lot of computer parts because he builds his own computers and you can that’s like always on the app he always finds computer parts on that app.

So if you are really into selling electronics, that is definitely I letgo app, is definitely an app for electronics. Now, the very last thing that we like is that you can message the potential buyer and find a location to meet up, and the transaction is very easy.

Now, of course, you know when you’re meeting up with someone a stranger, you always need to be very careful, always go to a public location like a Walmart parking lot or any type of parking lot. Where there’s.

You know the public is around and definitely cameras in the area so always be careful, always go with someone or your dog. My husband has met a lot of people that brought their dogs with them, so definitely always be out in the public and bring someone or a pet with you, and always just be very careful and cautious.

But that is something that we really like, because with shipping you know it can take like four days it can take seven days, but with an app where you can meet someone in your local area, it could take just that one day to go and receive your Money, so definitely keep that in mind to always be cautious, but it’s.

A it’s a great advantage, because you can get your money right away. You can sell the item within that exact day. My husband has had a lot of people that said, hey I get off work at 5:00. Can we meet at six in the Walmart parking lot? I’d love to purchase it today and it works out really well.

Those are my top reasons why my husband and I love letgo app. We have made around six thousand seven thousand dollars on, letgo app and it’s, a great app it’s, a great alternative. If you’re, not able to sell it on Poshmark or Macari or ebay, it’s, a great alternative to just cross list onto that platform.

And if you have a vehicle that you need to sell just list it on to letgo app also, I want to keep this in mind for you all right now with the virus. It’s very hard because we can’t physically. Go thrifting, but if you are able to buy a lot of inventory off of, letgo app that’s, a great option for you as well.

People might be selling their clothing in bulk, so you could actually just thrift from letgo app and just meet up with someone and get the items and the inventory within maybe one day because they’re available to you know give you guys that bulk Item or bulk items that you’re interested in and you could just exchange that for cash, so definitely something to consider a sourcing opportunity on letgo app as well.

That is it for today guys. I hope you enjoyed this video if you did in it a thumbs up and comment down below. If you use letgo app or maybe you might be interested thanks guys so much for watching and I’ll, see you in the next one [ Music, ]

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