How to use Venmo App – Send and Receive Money

Everyone in today.  I want to show you this app called Venmo App. It’s, an easy way to send and receive money just using this app on your phone. It’s available for iOS and Android, and it’s. The exact same on both platforms, search and download, the Venmo App app on the App Store or the Google Play, Store and install it, and when you first get memo for the first time, you have to sign up using Facebook or email here type in your first name And last name, email and password on the sign up page, I’m gonna go all the way to the bottom of the page.

I’ll kind of explain to you some of these things that it tells you, but you could read it press next, and this is gonna, send me a verification code to my phone, so I’ll, go ahead and type in My number and I let it connect to my Facebook here to get some of my contacts already, so it will populate my app here, so I could show you some of the things here when you briefly look at the app.

Let me just explain to you what you’re. Looking at in the center, you’re gonna see the two people icon. Those are all your friends that you let the app connect to and you could see that they’ve paid or received money from other people.

That’s. What this page is you could scroll down and see all the people that are listed here. Those are your friends, then, on the right side, you have a one person icon. This is everything that you use, therefore, to send and receive money that’s.

Gon na show up here, then there’s, the globe icon. Let me go there, and this is basically like a Facebook wall where it’s. Gon na show the activity of just everybody, not people. You know just everybody that’s using the app so that’s kind of the social media aspect of them.

Oh, it’s a little bit different than the other apps designed to send and receive money. That’s, the three icons on top, but what we want to do first is we want to link a bank account or a credit or debit card.

Let me show you that press the three lines on the top and on this page we want to go to the Settings icon on the bottom and we want to go to payment method. There’s, not much. We’re gonna be able to use the app for.

If you don’t, have a bank account connected so press that, and here, if you haven’t used the app before you’re, not gon. Na have a payment method here and the Venmo App balance is when people pay you its, gonna sit on the vemma balance, so we’ll talk about that in a second, but right now, press add bank or card, and you could either add a bank account. If you add a bank account, money is sent completely free to other people using the app so that’s.

The way I recommend, if you don’t want to do that. You could select the cart payment, but that does have a 3 % fee attached to it. If you’re using a credit card, but if you do choose that you could type in your card number very straightforward and press add.

If you choose the bank option, you have a couple of options here, you could do instant verification or you could do manual. Verification takes a little bit longer. The instant one basically tells you exactly what it’s.

Gon na do to verify you could press continue and go through this process. Again it’s, pretty straightforward, secure and private. Now, once your bank account is either verified instantly or if you wait a couple of days for it to get verified the manual way you’re all set to use the app so now, let me show you how to send and receive money press The three lines again and go to the home icon now and now I’m gonna go to the top right, the pencil and money.

I can’t press that – and this is the page where you first need to add someone that you want to request money from or send money to, and if you connect the people during the setup process, they’re gonna show Up here under your friends list, or you could use their name, you could use their username phone number or email, so lots of different ways to invite them here.

So I invite someone here and select their name. Now let’s say I want to give them five dollars. I could type in the amount here that’s. The first thing you need to do is type in the amount. After you pick the person, then you need to type a message.

What is four so selecting the message I can type in coffee, for example, then, before you request and pay, you see that private lock, I can’t click that and that lets you basically let it be visible to no one that’S the private option to the friends that’s, the middle icon.

We looked at where you see all your friends activities if you wanted to show them that you’ve paid someone or the public one where it just shows up on the globe. Icon, the public social media wall of the app so choose that make sure you know what you want here.

Then, when you click away there’s, a bunch of different icons here, like a smiley face, you could go ahead and add a mogees here. You could go ahead and add bitmoji, you could go ahead and add these gifts and if you share to the friends wall or the public wall, all these icons are gonna show up here.

Then you have to request or pay do I want to pay them in this case or request, select one of those two options and then it’s. Gon na pull up your bank again that’s, why it was important to pull up your bank first and then you could just go ahead and press pay right here and it will make that transaction and if you were to request money exact same Thing, except instead of pay, it’s, gonna, say, request and that person will get a notification.

They just have to open the app and then I agree to pay you. Let me press the three lines on the home page again and if someone asks you for your Venmo App, someone says what’s your Venmo App, that’s, the @ sign that’s, your Venmo App! That’s! Why you would send them at the @ sign, and then people could add you to their account that way as a friend and then they could always use your Venmo App ID to send and receive money instead of typing in your phone number or email.

When you do receive money on memo, it will show your balance here right on top where it says the dollar sign in Vemma mine’s at zero. Once you do get money in Venmo App it doesn’t go directly to your account.

It sits right here on the memo app, so you have to press transfer, balance, click that and on this page it will let you type in the amount you have on memo and transfer it out to your accounts. You could do the free option where it takes a couple of days, one to three days or the instant option, but that requires a 1 % fee, so that’s, where the fees associated up to 10 dollars.

If you want to transfer out instantly and finally, there is a Venmo App card, if you click that memo card basically is a debit card, where you could load it up with money and use the Venmo App card to make purchases or send money.

It is not a credit card, so you can read more about the memo card here. You could use it to earn rewards and you could customize the card. It’s, a debit card. So when you say get the memo card, it’s gonna.

Let you customize the card, have your legal name on it and you can make transactions that way using your Venmo App balance. I hope you found them more useful again. There are other apps like event mode that you could test out as well like PayPal or a cash app or Apple pay.

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