Before we start , I want to make a quick disclaimer. I am not sponsored by any of these Free dating apps. Okay, a lot of you guys were saying that, and then I wish I was you know I’ll, be a dope pinch.

I’m, just putting it out there. If you want to sponsor me your boys waiting on you, man, let’s. Do it! I’m down, let’s partner up, but for real. I’m, not sponsored by any of these dating apps. The only reason why I’m doing this, give you guys an idea on which dating apps you should be using, because you know it can be confusing.

Sometimes I want to save you guys some time because let’s be honest. There’s, so many of them out there and I don’t want you guys to go through all your boy is here to hook you up by, let’s just get right into it.

In 2018 we had talked about tinder bumble, hinge and OkCupid. Those were the four dating apps that I spoke about, and I gave you guys advice on. So what’s going on with those dating apps? Does then there’s, still work, or do any of these dating app still work? The most popular ones are bumble and tinder.

So if you guys have been using these dating apps and if you have been not getting any matches here, is a very useful tip right off the bat. What you got ta do is go ahead and delete the app delete, tinder and bumble.

We actually did this with bumble, but you can try it with both so delete both of the apps and then you’ll sign up again, you’ll, you’ll, get it again and you upload all the pictures and Magic Man, you’re gonna start, getting matches like crazy.

I’m telling one of my roommates and I we just did it yesterday, because I wasn’t getting matches and Bumble at all and I was like get what the heck is going on and most of you guys, probably remember the Algorithm I talked about in my last video, so do this and let me know if it actually is working for you too.

There phew dating apps. I reviewed for you guys, and you know I didn’t, really have too much mobile honestly when I, when I got these apps because they’re, just highly advertised man. Okay, let’s start with clover.

Clover is one of the apps that I have been seeing on snapchat on YouTube. All the ends are about clover, so I went ahead and got the app right off the bat. The first thing that the app asks you is to sign up for a premium membership.

The sound of weekly, monthly and yearly, I think it’s like 30 bucks or a week, but it gives you a free trial, which I did honestly I didn’t want to pay for the FL. I’m, not gonna get into details too much.

I did not like the app because I thought there were a lot of catfish on. There was not getting any matches or you know, even if I got matches, I honestly thought that those people were catfish. You guys can give it a try.

I don’t want to. You know talk bad on the end, but in my opinion, it’s, not the best app out there at the moment, even though it’s very highly advertised, all right, second of all, P, o F plenty of fish.

Now this app gave me so much headache. Bro I went out when I was signing up. It was asking me so many things I’d, never come across the dating gap. Don’t. Ask me so many questions and this app literally wanted to know what my mom’s┬áname was, and I’m just kidding, but for real long story short. It asks you a lot of things when you sign up out. Is it worth it right on there and I started swiping, I got a few matches, but I honestly think that it’s, not very popular yet, and it’s, so confusing the whole surface and the platform is just very, very confusing When you’re looking for a date, you just don’t want to go through this process.

Man, you wan na, go on. There start swiping and then get matches. You know and it’s. It’s. Just it was complicated, the whole surface of the app was was very complicated, did not like it, but maybe you guys will you know love it.

The next dating effort might be talking about. Is coffee meets bagel? What like she meets bagel that’s? The name of the app okay, so like yeah, you know what it seems pretty popular, let’s, just give it a shot.

Why not? I went ahead and I signed up. I think that I’ve, so many dating apps on my phone that I’m, just like so confused. I don’t, know which one to start swiping up, but I started swiping on this app and you got beans.

Man, you got these beans, these coffee beans, so what you can do with those coffee beans, as you can use them to get on top of the list you know to get featured and to like get more matches and to be able to message.

Girls and all that I was like dude, this is not good man like I don’t really like this no, and they obviously have premium features. I want to make money. I don’t sign, so then I did not like it. You guys might like it.

I honestly want to know which one you actually like the most out of all the ones that I’ve, said so far, because none of these three dating apps have worked out for me. I think they work, but maybe they do so.

Maybe you just go and try them out, but it’s. Just my opinion. You know it’s very, very subjective. So if you want to try it out, go ahead and try them out alright, so the last dating app. I want to talk about and I got a lot of shit for this dating app when I talked about it, because you thought I was sponsored by this dating app.

But I really wasn’t and I’m saying I am still not sponsored. As I said it, you guys wait for this drum roll. That I’m. Talking about is hey, hey change is the is the shit literally. The best dating app I have ever tried and and the best luck I’ve ever had on any other dating apps.

I am NOT saying this because I want you guys to go get it. I’m, just saying that, because has been working out for me like crazy. The reason why I wanted to talk about hinges because it’s such a great date again, dude like I, have taken out multiple girls from this app and all these these dates were pretty frickin good.

I’m, not gonna lie. You know they either end up being just fun and just like you know like messing around or just you know, I have gained friendships out of this app. I have met a lot of amazing girls and I really think you should go and give it a shot.

Man, like, I really do think because you really are serious about dating and if you’re, trying to find your significant other that’s. What you’ve got, go and check out hinge, and I don’t think they have been getting enough attention and I really do think that this app is is the best out there.

At the moment, it doesn’t matter. If we’re talking about two thousand 18 or 19, they’re, actually getting more popular now in 2019. So this is a time when you should go on there and check it out. I’m, not gonna get into too much detail, because I talked about the whole surface and the platform of the app, which is amazing in my previous video.

The best thing about hinges that it gives you so much freedom like. What do i mean by that? So, even though you only have 10 likes a day, so you don’t have unlimited likes. You have 10 likes, so you’re able to like 10 girls, and after that you have to wait.

24 hours to to regain those likes, but the good thing about it is if any of these girls on the app and you like you literally anyone on the app decides to like you, they like you and then you will see it on your phone that then You can match with them, then you can start a conversation.

You’s have to buy anything. You have to purchase anything. You’d, have to upgrade to premium membership. You can just start talking to them, so it gives you so much. Freedom and the platform is very, very easy to use the whole surface of the app is great.

You know it’s, it’s, it’s, amazing and, and it’s very insightful. You actually get to know these girls a little better because they have to answer a few questions about themselves, and last time I talked about hinge was very new to me because that’s.

When I started using it – and you know, I told you guys that I had not taken anyone out from there, but the scenario is different now, because I actually took girls out, and I can tell you that these girls are not fake.

These girls are real. The most annoying thing about all these other dating apps is that there is so many catfish out there. So many catfish girls, dude and you just don’t, know who’s real? Who’s? Not so you know, speaking of hange is very very easy to tell if someone is real or not had not come across a catfish on the hand yet, which is very positive.

A lot of people saying that, like it’s hard to find girls and is dating guys, I have been taken out so many girls like here’s, your chance man just going hinges and check it out. You know that’s, the best dating gap of 2019.

In my opinion, now you guys can say anything. I’d, be reading your comments and it’s been flat. You know I’ve been left in my stuff cuz, you guys, you guys are funny man. I want you guys to comment down below you know.

I leave these comments. Cuz you make me laugh dude. You guys actually are very useful to sometimes so make sure you leave a comment down below and let me know what your favorite dating app is in 2019.

So thank you guys so much for watching. I appreciate you also guys make sure you comment down below what you want to see. Next, if you’re new to this channel, make sure you subscribe hit that subscribe button and like this video up guys cuz, I am coming out with some great content.

Thank you one more time you guys have a beautiful day and until next time see ya, [, Music, ],

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