Facebook Online Dating App Review (5 Reasons to Try Facebook Online Dating App)

Let’s cover five pros of the new Facebook dating app coming up next. Let’s, get everyone. I want to share with you five pros things that I really found to be beneficial.

The new Facebook dating app surprising, because I didn’t, have high hopes for Facebook dating. I was very skeptical, but now they have a true online dating experience and you can use it appropriately.

So you don’t have to just be that creepy person you can connect with people who actually want to connect for an online dating experience now through Facebook. So congratulations now. There are five things I really liked about the experience and I’m gonna share them with you.

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Your game, sound-up, is easy, take seconds, and you can do so simply by clicking the link in the description for this video. Now let’s, get to it. Five things are really liked about my Facebook dating app experience, things that they’re doing right, number one.

They kept it simple. It is super easy to use Facebook dating app because it’s just like tinder. Alright, it basically gives you the opportunity to throw in some pictures short written content a little bit of bio stuff that you can owe height where you’re from whatever profession.

Some of that is optional, so it’s great because it’s. Just the basics, which I believe is all that you need, because all we’re trying to do is just see if there’s. Interest sparked alright, you have to have conversations to get to know each other, so you can’t fall head-over-heels, so I like how they just kept it simple.

Much like tinder got right, alright number two. I really think that there is high quality participating on Facebook dating app alright, from what I’ve seen it’s already been enough for me just to to know that it blows plenty of fish out of the water which I’m always so upset with, because everywhere I’ve gone in the country.

No matter where I’ve opened up plenty of fish, it’s, always just the trashiest people. I & # 39. Ll be honest: it’s. The trashiest people that I’m, just like yikes, alright, and that’s. Kind of the measurement that I always have for online dating platforms is not just how good of a platform is it, but who is using it with Facebook dating I’ll tell you.

There are some real quality professionals, good-looking people, sane people, whatever you want to call it they have jumped in on Facebook dating so that’s, a big plus for them all right. The third thing is privacy.

Your concern might be with Facebook dating is like privacy like jeez, like I, don & # 39. T want everybody that on Facebook, friends with to see what I’m, doing or know that I’m participating and the cool thing about the Facebook dating app is that it automatically set you up to just not connect with your friends.

All right, so it connects you with people in your vicinity and there are options, options for linking up to groups or events, so that might be beneficial. Like I’m thinking like I have a Facebook group that I operate D rst group, but the people are all over the world, so it’s, not really beneficial, but let & # 39.

S say that you’re. A part of a group that’s more local, so insert city and interest, so maybe it’s like an interest for Washington DC dog group. Okay. Well, I might want to opt into you know, allowing them to check that group for people who are participating in Facebook dating in and offering them as suggestions.

All right. You’re, not going to be automatically set up with anybody in any of your groups or any of your Facebook friends or any of your events, but you can opt into groups and events and then also it & # 39.

Ll probably determine it depending upon who’s in your area, all right, so the a you. You always have the vicinity that you have in your search settings so that’s, something pretty cool. So but the big thing is your friends: won’t, be seeing you in their feet all right, so that’s.

That’s good, because nobody wants to deal with that. Okay, I get it all right now. You do have a crush option. I want to mention that there is a crush option for you to you know, crush crush your friend and if they were to ever crush you back, it would be kind of like a way of going outside the system where all your friends aren’T seeing everything, but you do have this option – I haven’t used it yet to kind of crush somebody who is your Facebook friend, and only will it connect if they were to do the same sort of anonymous crush to you all right now.

The next thing that I really really like about Facebook dating is that you have a tremendous opportunity for once. We have an opportunity to cash in on something that’s just getting started. So what that means is you have the opportunity to jump in before all the competition does? Okay, so imagine being on tinder and figuring out that that’s, a great spot to connect with people before everybody else did or Bumble or whatever all right.

This is a great opportunity for you to get out there and just be a bigger fish in the smaller sea. All right. That is a tremendous opportunity that everyone should think of. Like geez like I can’t help you be taller, better-looking or be thinner or be more fit or have more money, but I can tell you you can all do this.

You can all jump in earlier rather than later and get to the party sooner and enjoy all the good times all right. All the connections there’s just be the bigger fish in a smaller pond. If you jump in early, I like that, because you don’t, have all those opportunities thrown at you in your day to day life.

These opportunities, aren’t coming your way very frequently all right. The next thing that I really like, and the last thing that I really want to point out about Facebook dating, is that I really like about.

It is as this feature where you could just cut cut to the chase or cut the line and just go straight through a list of people who have already liked you, and that means that people much like a tinder app.

They’ve, already, basically swiped right on you and you have a list of these people, and I don’t know if this feature will always be free, because on tinder you don’t get to have that for free, But on Facebook dating app right now you can just cut the line and just be like.

Well, I don’t have much time. I don’t want to swipe through everyone. Why don’t you? I just check out who already has swiped or liked me, so you just skip the line and handle that I love that feature all right and it’s available to everyone for free.

So that’s great because you’re guaranteed. If you see set anybody on that list, you swipe right. They & # 39. Ve, already demonstrated previous interest in developing some sort of the start of a connection with you.

A conversation come on in I let’s. Have this conversation you’re free to and free to free. To start this conversation, I’m, not gonna reject you or embarrass you that’s, always a great feeling, especially for the guys out there.

So those are the five things that I really love about. The new Facebook dating app five pros and I’ll, be honest. It’s, not perfect. There are four-five cons as well that I have and that’s in a separate video which you could probably find showing up somewhere around now or it’s already popped up a card for that video because there are five things That I really don’t like about the app, but all in all, I think it’s, an opportunity for us to meet great people that you might otherwise not meet.

So let me know what you think: what your experience is any other pros that you would add to your experience with the Facebook dating app comment them. Let me know, share all your tips and advice as well.

If you have those, as always until the next video, you all take care thanks for watching, if you appreciated the content from this video be sure to LIKE comment, subscribe and hit that notification bell and male or female.

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