Hey buddy, it’s, love in Newtown, and today I’m testing. Five different free mobile art apps to find which one is the best. The first stop that I wanted to try it actually never heard of before, but I was so intrigued by the screenshots.

I saw that I wanted to try it alongside other apps that I’ve actually heard of before this is called hyah suis sketches and basically, the thing that drew me in initially was the fact that, rather than having all of your different brushes Locked Away in a folder where you have to click on it and then you know select from there, all of your tools are shown in a like monochrome image on the side.

So it kind of looks like you have your whole little tool kit right next to you, and I thought that that was really cool. So, starting with the pros. The things that I liked about this app are that it felt very good.

It felt pretty natural and it was very similar to the drawing app in procreate, which is basically my gold standard for how drawing on the iPad should feel, and it also uses many of the same little shortcuts.

That procreate uses like tapping with two fingers to undo and tapping on the side of your Apple pencil to switch to the eraser. Both of these things are really really great shortcuts and it’s cool to see them in a free program like this.

I would say the strength of this app. Is it doesn’t overwhelm you, it keeps you with a limited but quality set of tools, and it keeps you with a limited but really flexible, color palette. They give you a set of colors, but you can modify any of them and you can add new palette colors.

But it really encourages you to develop a palette of colors that you like, rather than just leaving you with a color wheel, that you have to pick from every time. You want to change the color, and I think that that’s.

Actually, a really really nice quality of life thing, especially if you ever have trouble with your colors getting too garish no before you get too excited, though there is a major problem with this program and it’s, the biggest con of all – and it Is that they pay walled layers? Um layers are really really crucial, especially if you do work with line art.

I was able to sort of step around it by being more sketchy and painterly and just making sure that my sketch layer was really light, but this was all in one layer because you have to pay like 599 to get layers unlocked.

I don’t think they should have pay well that they should pay well more specific features. It makes it seem like this is just a demo, rather than an actual tool in and of itself that they wanted to release for free with extra features behind a paywall.

It just feels like this is a program that they want you to pay for and releasing it for free is kind of dishonest, because the the program is not complete unless you pay for it. The next one that I wanted to try is one that I think is actually quite popular and that is Autodesk SketchBook.

Now it’s, popped up right away with a nice little tutorial, showing me in a series of little video clips how to use the program it’s. Definitely a tiny bit more complicated than the taya Suey sketch, but it also feels considerably more full.

I did not see any where a prompt to pay for anything. Everything is just actually available, which is really nice, especially in a free program. The layers are, of course, available, so I wanted to try and do something, a little bit more fully featured like a inked drawing app with colors and everything.

They also have a ton of blending modes. Just like Photoshop does so you can do like multiply overlay hard light. Soft light, all of that I struggled a little bit with our selection tool at first, but once I figured out how it works, it’s, actually really really nice.

It creates kind of like a little loop around whatever you’re trying to select, and then you can use this very intuitive for a for corner like directional mover. So you can make some like really precise moves, even on a iPad or whatever the inking is pretty nice as well.

My number one nitpick about this one is that it doesn’t have the two fingers to tap t-one. Do it instead has a requirement that you tap over, in the left hand bottom corner, which would be great if you’re right-handed, but I’m left-handed, so that’s like basically means I have to set down my Pencil or put in my other hand in order to tap to undo and that’s super annoying there’s, probably a way to change that.

I’m, not actually sure if there is or not, but if there is and that kind of takes care of my biggest nitpick. But I do wish you could just tap with two fingers anywhere on the screen, and I do that’s really nice.

The other thing that I was kind of annoyed by was that for some reason I export this image. It doesn’t, save any of the blending that I’ve done. It leaves it just like unblended, so for some reason, no matter how many times I exported this image, she just had like chunky marker all over her.

Instead of the nicely blended out image that I had in the program but other than that, Autodesk is a very full feeling, complete free mobile art app, and I would highly recommend it. Next step is an app called Adobe sketch and, as a lot of you can probably tell this, is associated with like the Photoshop line of drawing programs.

No, the very first thing that happens when you open this up is that they force you to sign in with your Adobe ID. If you don’t have one you’re gonna have to make them. You can’t use the program unless you sign in somehow and that kind of bugged me, but it’s, nothing.

I cannot look past when I go into the program. The first thing I noticed was that it’s. Extremely bare-bones, we’re, looking at five different brushes and an eraser. Additionally, despite the fact that it’s, so bare-bones, you do actually have to click into a separate menu in order to change the color opacity and the size of your brush, which seems really weird, because a lot of these other apps have been able To do this, like in a much more like flowy and intuitive way, so I didn’t really like that that felt kind of clunky the layer system is pretty easy.

There’s, no problem with that really and the brushes feel good. They’re, very responsive. I don’t, get any like lag or glitchyness. They’re, not super interesting. I don’t, really love any one of them.

They’re, all just sort of fine. It kind of felt like sketching with a ballpoint pen which has a nice feeling to it, but it’s. Definitely not something. I’d, want to use all the time they do have a lot of different layer settings that’s, actually quite a bit more robust than the like set of brushes that you have, which is interesting, because usually these drawing app apps really Focus on giving you a lot of fun, exciting brushes to use, and then they neglect like blending layers and stuff like that.

It seems like this. One is kind of the reverse. This one is very, very light on tools to the point that I find it a little bit problematic. I may be missing something, but it’s in general. I just feel like you need more.

You needed like a fill bucket and like a way to select and move around things and overall it just feels it feels a little too bare-bones. For me, one of the other things that bugged me was that they don’t have the appropriate shortcuts.

Either you can’t DoubleTap to undo. I think you can tap your pencil to erase, but now I’m, not even sure, if you can do that. I’m, remembering now that I think I think that might not even work, which is crazy, because I mean, if you only have five different tools to work from it, sucks that you have to manually click to the eraser.

Every time you want to use it, the watercolor was also really really like unimpressive. It just kind of looks like a slightly more textured, like flowy airbrush, like the one you get in defaults when you first open up Photoshop Elements, so that’s, not great either.

Basically, it’s, pretty functional, it works fine, but there’s, so many other great alternatives that I can’t really suggest it. Next up is Ibis paint. Now this one I’ve heard a lot about, but I’ve, never used it in my life.

So when I first opened it up, I was kind of for an off at first I didn’t like that. There was an ad right at the top that felt kind of cheap and weird. I know that something I mean these free programs need some way to fund themselves, but it looks a little tacky considering none of the other ones I have used has done anything like that.

I don’t know it’s, it’s. Alright, the program itself, on the other hand, is pretty incredible. I have to say this is the most feature packed app. I have ever used, and I was honestly kind of surprised that it wasn’t like heating up my iPad, because there was so much going on.

This is clearly made for comic artists. They intentionally make it so that you can put in comic panels. Like that’s, an actual tool that’s like right on the side of the tool bar as if you’re gonna, be using that all the time which is interesting.

I was surprised to see that, because I didn’t realize that this was mainly focused on comics. The text tool is also something that I have not seen in any of these other apps and it’s, really not bad. To use.

You can really like write in whatever you want there’s, tons of fonts to use, and they actually come with comic fonts. That work really really nicely. They like blend and better with the art that you know your standard helvetica’s and times new Romans, so that’s, pretty neat.

They don’t come pre-downloaded, though, so you have to like, select and download them. If you want them, but they don’t cost extra money or anything honestly. The only thing that I don’t like about this program is: it does have a little Susa of cheapness.

The add up at the top, as well as the brushes while you do get a lot of brushes for free. There are tons of them with this big obnoxious orange button that’s like if you watch a video ad, you can temporarily use this brush for free it.

Just doesn’t feel very good, especially because they mix it in with all the free brushes. So you got to look past like hundreds of brushes that you can’t use or would have to watch a video ad to use. It also has a built-in, like video speed, paint feature that you can do after you draw, but you can’t export that or if you can, I’m, just not able to do it for some reason you can only watch it Back in their own player, which is really weird, but at least that allowed me to keep my original drawing app that I did with this one.

For some reason, the recording just didn’t take so if they didn’t have this feature. I wouldn’t, have any proof of how I drew the first time in this program. Now this last one I was taking a bit of a gamble on it’s called drawing app pad, and I thought that the interface looked kind of cute, but as soon as I started drawing app I realized I had made a terrible mistake.

This program is not good. It doesn’t, have any pen pressure, which is weird because, like the Apple pencil has pen pressure built in it’s not like you got to do anything complicated, but it also comes default with a glow.

On the lineart tool, so I don’t know what they expected you to be drawing app, but it’s. Definitely not for like standard illustration. I think it’s for like little kids to play with. It does not feel good to draw on at all it’s, also like strangely not accurate, which again I’m – surprised that that’s, the thing that can happen.

Considering that all of the like Hardware elements, I know, work really well, because obviously the pencil works really great with most of the art programs that I use. But this one, like the pen, doesn’t actually like connect to the line that you’re, drawing app all the time.

Sometimes they’re off by about like two centimeters, and I don’t know how that happens, but it just it feels terrible to draw on. Also there’s, not even not even a temptation towards layers like there’s, not even a paywall layer system.

It just does not exist in this program. There’s, also a watermark in the corner that I think, if you click that X, it will just tell you to buy a different version of it. That has more features which is just appalling.

Like I can’t. Imagine somebody using this with this watermark on it and like that being good press for them, because it’s so difficult to make anything that looks good with it. There aren’t any other tools other than the brush in the eraser.

That, like, as far as actually like drawing app tools, they have a color picker. They’re spray and blur tool and they’re smudge tool is absolutely insane. I have no idea what what they were trying to do there, but it’s, just like it’s literally worse than using, like ms paint right now, because ms paint has leveled itself up quite a bit.

This feels like, like retro ms paints, in a way, I do not recommend it, okay, so the last thing I want to do before I wrap up this review is put them in context of each other. Through this tear maker thing, I’m.

Doing in this in Photoshop, instead of on the actual site, because they wanted to get permissions to my entire Twitter just to use the tear maker site, so I’m, not doing that so first things. First, I want to do the drawing app pad one.

Obviously, that’s, going to be an F it, just like kind of didn’t work at all, so unfortunately, drawing app pad is going right here, um, I just paint initially, I was like all the way for s. Tear I’m, not sure if I want to duck it down to a just, because it has some like ads and annoying stuff, but I think I well, I think I got ta put it in s just because it really is like a stellar Program, it works great.

I mean if the ads really bug you a time, then that’s, maybe not the one you want to go with, but overall like it just has tons of features. So, even if they’re locking some stuff, you’re gonna pay. Well, it’s.

Still, like probably the best program here, Adobe sketch, I think, is solidly like. Oh I don’t know I’m. Turning to you to see an addy, I think I got a Gaudi. The thing that’s, knocking it down 2d primarily, is just like none of it feels particularly nice.

It is intuitive, but there’s, other apps here that are equally or more intuitive and yeah. Unfortunately, it’s got to go OD and also I hate that they make you sign up with an Adobe ID just to use it. That seems like not like that um Autodesk um, when we look at my notes here, just because it put the undo in a spot that makes it really hard for lefties.

I’m gonna put it down to an a it’s still a really good program, but there’s, just like a few little things that bug me about it and it’s. Definitely not like as full of pet jam. Packed with features was like ibis paint and then last but not least, is ty.

You see sketches this one ended up being a lot better than I thought. I thought it was gonna be another liked drawing app pad situation. Just because I’d, never heard of it before I actually really liked it, but the fact that layers are paid walled.

I think I got ta put it into E, because that’s, not that’s, not okay, not being able to use layers like isn’t even that even an acceptable drawing app program at this point. Okay. So this is my final verdict.

These two were obviously standouts and these three were not so great. If you had to use adobe sketch, it would work, but these would be the ones I would suggest probably yeah. So I hope you guys enjoyed my review and if you want me to review anything else or if you have any questions about these guys ask soon so that I still remember um and I’ll.

Try to answer them down in the comments and thank you so much for watching till the end, and I’ll, see you in the Stein. Thank you so much to my wonderful patrons, including Bella starry blue boy, Kalimpong clock, or construct Dionysos ha journalists.

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